Music is the beating heart of the reunion culture. The younger generation has embraced the modern main stream music genres but the local music scene is dominated by “Maloya” and “Sega” beats. You can mingle with the locals while enjoying

  • Total Jazz (Jazz Music Festival, March)
  • Electropicales (Music Festival, May)
  • Sakifo (Music Festival, June)
  • La Fête de la musique (Musical Celebration, June)
  • Manapany Surf Festival (Music Festival, September)
  • Kaloobang (Music Festival, September)
  • Kabarachois (Creole culture and music, one Saturday per month)
  • Jazz ô Barachois (Jazz music, one Saturday per month)
  • Tampon Jazz Métiss (Jazz Music Festival, December)

Reunion Island is a melting pot for cultures from all around the world. In a world with so many cultural, racial and religious conflicts Reunion Island is a benchmark for the future generations to make the world a better place. We invite you to join us and discover our local cultural events at

  • Nouvel An Chinois (Chinese New Year, February)
  • Fête de la Lanterne (Lantern Festival/Moon Festival, February/March)
  • Nouvel An Tamoul (Tamil New Year, April)
  • Festival Komidi (Theatre Festival, April)
  • Leu Tempo festival (Street Theatre Festival, May)
  • Guan Di Celebration (July)
  • Le Grand Boucan (Carnival, June)
  • Tam-Tam (Puppet Festival, September)
  • Zot Movies Festival (Film Festival, October)
  • Dipavali (one of the most important Hindu holidays of the year - Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, November)
  • Total Danse (Contemporary Dance Festival, November)
  • Le festival du film de La Réunion (Film Festival, November)
  • Cyclone BD (Comics/Book Fair, December)
  • Fête du 20 décembre (Celebration of the abolition of slavery)

“Le grand raid” is “The sporting event” in the local sporting calendar. Every year in October More than 3000 International and local athletes compete during three days to cover 170km of gruelling foot paths from the south of the island to the north trough the mountain tops reaching 9643m above sea level to be the winner and a legend in Reunion Island.