Health is a great concern when it comes to living in foreign countries. There are three different systems in place at the university to help international students.

Students from U.S.A must have a health insurance when they arrive in Reunion Island but approximately after two months the university takes over and takes care of all the medical expenses during their stay.

All the European students must apply for the European health card before arriving in Reunion Island. When you are here you can apply for a national health insurance number trough the university. With the health insurance number you can enjoy all the health benefits in France.

Students from non EU countries can benefit all the health benefits as European students as soon as they receive the health insurance number from the National Health Service.

For little illnesses all students can pay a visit to the campus doctor (Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé). After hours you can visit the emergency doctor near the campus. For emergencies you can always go to the local hospital or call emergency services. When visiting a specialist doctor you must book an appointment in advance. In the French system all international students must pay the doctors fee over the counter and the social health services refund them afterwards.