Roland Garros International Airport is the gateway to Reunion Island, which is very important for everyone who is travelling to Europe via France. There are number of frequent direct flights from and to neighbouring countries for your convenience.

Our neighbouring Island Mauritius is a well known holiday destination all around the world for its breath taking beaches and luxurious Hotels. You can reach Reunion Island via the SSR International Airport (SSR: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolan) in Mauritius by plane in less than 40 minutes and also you can catch frequent direct flights to various international destinations.

The transportation will be provided to all the international students from the university free of charge upon their arrival. The campus in Saint-Denis is just a 15 minute drive from the airport and the campus in Tampon is about an hour and a half away. The students who are going to the Campus in Tampon will be dropped off at the intercity bus terminal by the university staff in Saint-Denis and be picked up from the university staff in Tampon.

“Citalis” is the local transport service for Saint-Denis (The main city in Reunion Island) and “Cars Jaunes” for inter city travels around the island. There are three bus lines (Number 6, 7 and 10) run right in front of the campus every 10 minutes during the week. If you would like to visit different parts of the island during the week-end you can enjoy intercity bus service from the main bus terminal in Saint-Denis.

Students can apply for a student travel card to avoid paying each time when using the public transport. This card allows you to access all the public transport services in Reunion Island. You can apply for the students travel card through the student services at the University of La Reunion. You can pay for the whole year or just one semester according to your need. The price for one semester in approximately 30 Euros and for one year is 50 Euros.

There are many local and international car rental companies in Reunion Island for your comfort. You can rent a basic car starting from 25 Euros per day or you can take a taxi as an exceptional choice.

If you would like to discover Reunion Island with your fellow students and staff members at the university there are many sightseeing tours all year around organised by SUV (The Department of Academic Life) and SUAPS (The Department of Physical Activities and Sports) for your pleasure.