The University of Reunion Island has developed high quality research structured around 3 research federations :

  • the first federation focuses on the field of Arts, Social Sciences and the Humanities;
  • the second federation concentrates on the observation, dynamics and development of natural environments;
  • the third is devoted to the study and enhancement of biodiversity in the south-west Indian Ocean in terms of human, animal and plant health.

All of these research activities are carried out in partnership with leading French institutions, in particular through joint research units. The Institute of Research for Development (IRD), the French National Meteorological Service, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD), the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris (IPGP).

With its partners the University of Reunion Island offers state-of-the-art research platforms, with a plant protection division, a cyclotron, a satellite-assisted environmental monitoring station and an atmospheric observation station.


  • Centre of Legal Research (CRJ)
  • Centre of Economics and Management of the Indian Ocean (CEMOI)
  • Infectious Diseases Research Group (PIMIT)
  • Diabetes, Atherothrombosis, Therapies Réunion Océan Indien (DETROI)
  • Computing and Mathematics Laboratory (LIM)
  • INSERM combined Research Unit / Dynamics of the Structure and Interaction of Biological Macromolecules (DSIMB)
  • CIRAD Combined Research Unit / Plant Populations and Bio-agressors in Tropical Environments (PVBMT)
  • Natural Substances and Food Science Chemical Laboratory (LCSNSA)
  • Tropical Marine Ecology Laboratory (ENTROPIE)
  • Electronic, Energy and Processes Laboratory (LE2P)
  • CNRS Combined Research Unit / Météo France French National Meteorological Service / Laboratory for the Study of the Atmosphere and Cyclones (LACY)
  • IPGP Combined Research Unit / Reunion Geosciences Laboratory (LGSR)
  • Intercultural Determinants of Motion and Sports Performance (IRISSE)
  • Physics and Mathematical Engineering  laboratory for Energy, Environment and Building (PIMENT)
  • Indian Ocean: Territories and Societies (OIES)
  • Displacement, Identity, Revision, Expression (DIRE)
  • Languages, texts and communication in Creole and French-speaking zones (LCF)
  • Development Research Department (ESPACE-DEV)
  • Integrate Approoach for Food Quality (QUALISUD)

Technological Platforms

  • Remote Sensing Aerial
  • University of Reunion Computing Centre
  • Cyclotron (CYROI)
  • 3P Centre