DU – Arabic language and civilization

Domain: Cultures, territories and plural societies in the Indian Ocean

Course: Not applicable

ECTS credits

Not concerned

level of studies
at the end of training

Not concerned

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Moufia Campus

Type of training : University degree (DU)

Training regime: Initial formation

Training summary

The Arabic Language and Civilization DU offers 160 hours of training over two years, in Arabic (written and oral) and civilization.

Training aims

This DU aims to acquire the basics of language and arable civilization. 

Advantages of the training

Training offered entirely in person at the University of Reunion.

Targeted skills

The skills targeted are writing, speaking and grammar, as well as essential knowledge of the Arab world.

Summary of lessons by course

Language: 40 hours per year or 20 hours per semester
Civilization: 40 hours per year or 20 hours per semester


Not concerned

Specific devices

Not concerned

Conditions of access to training

Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Continuing Studies

Not concerned

Career opportunities

Not concerned


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