Diploma of Access to University Studies – DAEU

Domain: DAEU

Course: option A classic course
option A social career path
option A career path in intercultural mediation in the Indian Ocean
option A hospital career path
option A course Digital Solidarity and Territorial Attractiveness (SONATE) (remote)
option B SONATA course (remote)

ECTS credits

Not concerned

level of studies
at the end of training

Baccalaureate - level 4

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Site of the University Technology Park
Le Tampon – Le Tampon Campus

Type of training : Diploma of access to university studies (DAEU)

Training regime: Continuing Education

Training summary

A real second chance for those who left the school system before the baccalaureate, the DAEU responds to everyone's constraints, in evening, daytime or distance learning, with adapted pedagogy and willing and motivated teachers.
This diploma grants the same rights as the baccalaureate. It allows you to pursue higher studies, or to take competitive exams requiring a baccalaureate.

Training aims

The DAEU is a national level 4 diploma which confers the same rights as the baccalaureate.
It allows to :

  • resume higher education at a university, school or training organization

  • take civil service exams for which a baccalaureate is required

  • apply for positions or develop professionally without being blocked by the absence of a baccalaureate

Advantages of the training

Individualized or collective support is offered for learners who wish it.
Career-oriented courses
Flexible and adapted training (face-to-face courses, hybrid mode courses depending on needs and constraints)
Possibility of following 100% online with tutoring
Objective-based teaching (continuation of post-baccalaureate studies or projection towards competitive exam preparation)

Organization of Pre-DAEU (refresher / hang on and bounce back)

Targeted skills

  • Identify and present the subject of a request

  • Carry out documentary research, on Iinternet or in previously identified locations

  • List and index classed documents

  • Identify the elements necessary to complete administrative forms

  • Provide appropriate information on the elements necessary to create and monitor administrative files

  • Analyze your actions and propose corrective solutions

  • Use digital tools and IT security rules to acquire, process and produce information

  • Document a topic by identifying, selecting, and critically analyzing various resources

  • Analyze and synthesize data for use

  • Respond to a request by developing an argument with a critical mind

  • Inform, advise, communicate by easily using the different registers of expression of the French language and ensuring the understanding of the interlocutors

  • Approvide appropriate advice with regard to a subject concerning the activity of the structure 

RNCP sheet (National Directory of Professional Certifications)

Summary of lessons by course

DAEU (240 hours in total; 60 hours per subject)
Common core: French and English
+ Two complementary modules to choose from: history, geography, IT, law, institutions and knowledge of social action, communications and professional practices, plural societies of the Indian Ocean, The Other: between singularity and otherness

Pre-DAEU refresher course (80 hours in total): French, English, mathematics, computer science and methodology

Pre-DAEU hang on and bounce back (180 hours in total): French, English, mathematics, computer science and methodology


Not concerned

Specific devices

Individualization of courses (tutoring, help with success, etc.)

Conditions of access to training

  • Being a non-bachelor

  • Have interrupted your initial studies for at least 2 years

  • either be at least 20 years old on October 1 of the year of the exam and have two years of salaried professional activity or an activity giving rise to two years of social security contributions (periods of unemployment with registration at Pôle Emploi, education of a child, national service, participation in a professional training system, participation in a high-level sporting activity, etc.)

    • either be 24 years old or over on October 1 of the year of the exam

Foreign nationals must be in possession of a valid residence permit on October 31 of the year of the exam.

A candidate can only register for training in one establishment each year. The period between first registration for the diploma and obtaining it cannot exceed four years.

Continuing Studies

Possibility of integrating post-baccalaureate training (license, BTS, BUT, etc.)
Possibility of preparing for administrative competitions up to category B

Career opportunities

  • Receptionist

  • Reception host

  • Seller in store

  • School support

  • Office assistant

  • Administrative employee...

GRONDIN Jean-Laurent

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