DU – Difficult teenagers

Domain: Sciences, technologies and health in tropical environments

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level of studies
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Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Site of the University Technology Park
Le Tampon – Le Tampon Campus

Type of training : University degree (DU)

Training regime: Continuing Education

Training summary

The DU difficult adolescents: psychopathic and educational approach is a diploma course specialized in psychology.

This training is intended for professionals or volunteers with experience working with adolescents in the fields:
• health and health promotion: general practitioners, psychiatrists, child psychiatrists, pediatricians, etc.
• from the social field: social service assistants, educators, psychologists, etc.
• city policies, delinquency prevention and integration: professionals from local missions, youth information points, socio-educational, after-school, cultural and sports activities
• national education: heads of establishments, principal education advisors, teachers.
• justice: magistrates, lawyers, clerks, assessors, judicial youth protection staff, etc.
• the police and the gendarmerie: police officers from the family protection brigades, urban security, etc.

Training aims

The objectives of this university degree are:
• to train professionals on the current state of psychological, psychopathological, educational and legal knowledge, necessary for understanding and optimizing the care of difficult adolescents in their environment
• to facilitate communication and mutual knowledge between actors from different institutional and professional cultures in the territory

Advantages of the training

Not disclosed

Targeted skills

This DU aims to develop the ability of different actors to cooperate in their interventions with adolescents.
This training allows learners to secure their professional career by acquiring new or complementary skills or techniques.

Summary of lessons by course

The central content of the DU is the psychopathology of adolescents, supplemented by contributions in human sciences (psychology, history, educational sciences), law and examples of practices and networking. 

Three main axes:
• adolescents today
• the difficulties and troubles of adolescents
• professional practices


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Specific devices

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Conditions of access to training

Upon file review - Professional experience desired in the field 

Continuing Studies

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Career opportunities

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Training Manager

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