DU – Managerial function in health

Domain: Cultures, territories and plural societies in the Indian Ocean

Course: Not applicable

ECTS credits

Not concerned

level of studies
at the end of training

Not concerned

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Victory Site

Type of training : University degree (DU)

Training regime: Continuing Education

Training summary

Managerial training for healthcare professionals.

Training aims

  • Acquire basic managerial skills for staff in health, medico-social or social structures

  • Allow assistants to senior hospital managers and technicians to follow job adaptation training.

Advantages of the training

  • University speakers and health professionals

  • Training in interfiliarity and interdisciplinarity

Targeted skills

  • Knowledge of the framework of practice in health, sanitary, social or medico-social establishments

  • Management and communication techniques

Summary of lessons by course

  • Work psychology, sociology of organizations

  • Communication

  • Legislative and regulatory framework for the health and social sector and economic and financial management

  • Management

  • Organization and working conditions


Not concerned

Specific devices

Not concerned

Conditions of access to training

Working professionals

Continuing Studies

Not disclosed

Career opportunities



Assistant in health, medico-social or social structure

TANG-TAYE Jean-Pierre

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