DU – Beach erosion process and coastline management strategy

Domain: Sciences, technologies and health in tropical environments

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level of studies
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Teaching locations

Saint-Pierre – Terre-Sainte campus

Type of training : University degree (DU)

Training regime: Continuing Education

Training summary

The DU beach erosion process and coastline management strategy is a diploma course specializing in natural sciences (biology-geology).

Training aims

This DU for professionals working in the coastal environment aims to provide the keys to understanding beach erosion processes in order to act on a daily basis for their preservation.

Advantages of the training

It is part of OSU-Réunion in partnership with DEAL.
These two actors are today strongly involved in the observation of the coastline and the development of the coastlines.

Targeted skills

It aims to strengthen skills with a view to better:

  • support around a national coastline management strategy

  • knowledge of useful observational data

  • understanding of processes

This training allows learners to secure their professional career by acquiring new or complementary skills or techniques.

Summary of lessons by course

Field trip - the different coastlines of Reunion Island
Sedimentary coastal environment: reminders of concepts and definitions
Current monitoring and preservation techniques from the coastal environment


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Specific devices

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Conditions of access to training

Territorial technicians and engineers. as well as land planning professionals.

Continuing Studies

Not concerned

Career opportunities

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Training Manager

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