License in Applied Foreign Languages ​​(LEA)

Domain: Cultures, territories and plural societies in the Indian Ocean

Course: English, Mandarin

ECTS credits


level of studies
at the end of training

Baccalaureate +3

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Moufia Campus

Type of training : Licence

Training regime: Initial formation

Training summary

The LEA License, English-Mandarin course, is a multidisciplinary and professional diploma course at baccalaureate +3 level. The general objective is to train versatile linguists competent in two foreign languages: English and Mandarin. 

Training aims

This training allows students to acquire solid linguistic and cultural knowledge, as well as essential knowledge of international trade, the fields of law and economics. This will involve quickly making them operational in their professional career (a compulsory internship in a French or foreign company will allow them to acquire initial experience in the professional world.) Specialization at the end of the License will also be possible to strengthen the specialization of students.

Advantages of the training

  • One of the courses highly sought after by companies, the LEA License allows you to consider numerous career possibilities and further higher education.

  • The LEA training offered by the University of Reunion includes pre-professionalization activities and a compulsory internship in a foreign company in the third year

  • It allows you to acquire a very good linguistic level (C1 in English and B2 in Mandarin) as well as knowledge of the geopolitical, cultural and economic realities of China and English-speaking countries.

Targeted skills

Teaching in English: written and oral language (pre-professional approach), translation, civilization
Mastery of oral and written language (level C1)
Refine your ability to understand the source language and practice expressing yourself in the target language
Acquire a satisfactory level of general knowledge of British and American societies: geography, population, institutions, political and social problems, cultural production
Ability to read and comment on a documentary, journalistic or historical text in English
Ability to analyze and synthesize written documents
Know how to structure a coherent argument and write it in English
Become familiar with translation methodology
Be able to translate journalistic, political and commercial texts
Be able to use several translation techniques to render a text in the target language
Know how to identify, analyze and manipulate the grammatical forms studied in class

Teaching in Mandarin: written and oral language (pre-professional approach), translation and civilization pre-professional approach
Acquire a language level close to level B2 of European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), i.e. level 4 of Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)
Being able to understand the essential content of concrete or abstract subjects in a complex text
Being able to express oneself in writing and orally, clearly and in detail on diverse and varied subjects
Know how to translate Mandarin commercial and journalistic texts into French with the help of translation tools
Acquire basic knowledge in general about the contemporary Chinese world and Chinese civilization in order to facilitate intercultural communication

Teaching in law and economics:
Become familiar with certain fundamental legal concepts
Familiarize students with major contemporary economic issues
Understand the functioning of the market economy and study the role of public regulation within this economy
Study the global economy through the theories and practices of international economic, monetary and financial relations

Sheet of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

Summary of lessons by course

During this Degree, students will follow courses in English, Chinese, law and economics, and also in transversal disciplines (minor courses and Teaching Units (EU) of openings to choose from). There will also be a third compulsory language from the second year.

In English, the courses will cover the following disciplines:

  • Translation and interpretation

  • Grammar, linguistics and phonetics

  • LEA-oriented civilization and history of ideas (UK and USA)

  • Pre-professional courses: Written and oral expression in English around the world of work.

In Chinese, it will be:

  • Chinese characters in first grade

  • Chinese grammar

  • Phonetics and oral language

  • Modern language courses

  • Civilization oriented LEA Chinese world

  • Pre-professional courses: Chinese communication in the laboratory

In law and economics, general courses in the first year will give way to more specific courses in subsequent years.


A 120-hour internship in License 3. We strongly recommend that this internship be carried out in a company abroad.

Specific devices

Not concerned

Conditions of access to training

Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Continuing Studies

  • Master LEA or other types of Masters for language specialists or LEA specialists

  • Masters in the field of commerce and international relations (Master international business, Master international management, Master management and SME management, Master marketing, Master international relations)

  • Bachelor in a business school (Bachelor in culture, or communication, or international business, or hotel and catering, or marketing, or even tourism).

  • Master Tourism and Culture

  • Master's degree in teaching, education and training - first and second degrees (school teacher or secondary school teacher training).

  • Translation and interpreting

  • Baccalaureate +5 from private schools - Master of Business Administration (MBA), business oriented or Master of Science (MSc) research oriented

Career opportunities

Sectors of communication, international trade, education, hospitality, interpretation, marketing, catering and even tourism.

Some examples of professions:
Press Officer
Executive assistant
Project manager
Product Manager
Research Analyst
Responsible for customer
Export zone manager
Communications Officer
Import-export salesperson
Hotel manager
Sales engineer

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