Professional degree – Communication professions: communications manager

Domain: Cultures, territories and plural societies in the Indian Ocean

Course: Not applicable

ECTS credits


level of studies
at the end of training

Baccalaureate +3

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Site of the University Technology Park

Type of training : Bachelor's degree

Training regime: Continuing Education

Training summary

The Professional License in Communication Professions: Communication Manager is a License that trains communication professions.
The training is based on fundamental lessons in communication, marketing and the French language. It also offers more specific lessons and focuses in particular on digital communication (web marketing, digital social networks, infographics).
The training is offered on a work-study basis, via a professionalization contract, or apprenticeship or any other work-study scheme.
The teaching team is made up of teacher-researchers from the Research Laboratory on Creole-speaking and French-speaking spaces (LCF), as well as professional communication teachers.

Training aims

The objective is to train graduates capable of analyzing and posing a marketing and/or communication problem in an organization, of proposing adapted communication strategies, of recommending, negotiating and implementing the means media or non-media.

Advantages of the training

The Professional Degree prepares future graduates to work in different fields in the field of communication, through diversified teaching, oriented towards new professional practices and in particular digital communication. The teaching team from different backgrounds prepares the learner towards true versatility for their professional integration.

Targeted skills

Digital uses

  • Use of data for analysis purposes

  • Written and oral expression and communication

  • Liability action within a professional organization

  • Mastery of different information and communication techniques

  • Team management and animation

  • Watch activity
    Sheet of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

Summary of lessons by course

The content of this License is divided into fundamental lessons (communication, marketing and French language) and specific lessons oriented towards digital communication (webmarketing, digital social networks, infographics).

The fundamental lessons cover the following themes:

  • French language and writing methodology

  • Professional written and oral communication

  • Fundamentals of communication and marketing

  • Communication law

  • Culture and socio-cultural environment

  • Communication from organizations

  • Political communication

  • Digital social networks

  • audiovisual production

Specific lessons focus on the following themes:

  • Marketing, web marketing

  • Customer relationship management

  • Project management and leadership

  • Infographics and graphic channel, website creation

  • Media and media planning


The training is offered on a work-study basis, via a professionalization contract, or apprenticeship or any other work-study scheme. Failing this, the student must complete a professional practice internship of at least 12 weeks and maximum 16 weeks.
The work-study or internship must be carried out in a private or public company, administration or public community or association, carrying out its activity in the field of organizational communication, or having a communication or marketing department, this to allow a effective and efficient tutoring of students in business.

Students will have to carry out a tutored project, in addition to the business project.

Specific devices

Not concerned

Conditions of access to training

After study of the file, Baccalaureate + 2 level or equivalent

Continuing Studies

The Professional License is a national higher education diploma which confers on its holder the degree of License and pursues a priority objective of professional integration.

Career opportunities

  • Communications Officer

  • Junior advertising manager

  • Operational Marketing Manager

  • Employee in an event agency or advertising agency

  • Media planner assistant

  • Community manager

  • Responsible for customer

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