Bachelor's degreeSciences and techniques of physical and sports activities (STAPS): Sports training (ES)

Domain: Sciences, technologies and health in tropical environments

Course: Not applicable

ECTS credits


level of studies
at the end of training

Baccalaureate +3

Teaching locations

Le Tampon – Le Tampon Campus

Type of training : Licence

Training regime: Initial formation

Training summary

Training of coaches and physical trainers aimed at sports performance but also maintenance or leisure. The training also offers an approach to essential complements to training such as mental preparation, injury prevention and even entrepreneurship.

Training aims

The STAPS ES License is part of the general training of the STAPS License. This involves offering students training in sports training in three stages:

  • first a first year common to all STAPS students (STAPS portal)

  • then, a second year of introduction to sports training (in License 2)

  • then a specialization during the third year (in License 3)

The specialization is therefore progressive and aims to prepare students for careers in sports training through courses that address the basis of physical preparation and fitness, the organization of sports programs, the quantification of work and performance. sports, training programming, etc.

The teaching also includes a part of sports specialty which allows you to learn how to supervise and train practitioners in this activity.

Advantages of the training

Progressivity and implementation of numerous practices allowing the theory to be linked with the future profession.

The engagement of students in this training in personal and coaching practice in clubs alongside the university curriculum is an important guarantee of professionalization (network, federal diplomas allowing recognition of recruiters).

Targeted skills

Build, plan, lead, regulate sports training or any physical activity

Sheet of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

Summary of lessons by course

License 1: bhuman iomechanics, physiology of sport, introduction to psychology, economics and organization of sport, sports specialty, history of sport, sociology of sport…

License 2: pexercise hysiology, psycho-sociology of animation, analysis of HE factors and environments, sports nutrition and lifestyle, physical condition and physiology of particular audiences, sports psychology, etc.

License 3: pplan training, physical preparation, performance evaluation technology, manage the performance environment…


Internship in his specialty and in physical preparation

Specific devices

  •   STAPS License 1 – Individualized course 1:

o As part of this individualized course, the first year of the Bachelor's degree is carried out in the classic way in one year

  • STAPS License 1 – Individualized course 2:

o As part of this individualized course, the first year of the Bachelor's degree is also completed in one year. The particularity of this course consists in the fact that methodological support is added to the lessons. Methodological support is mandatory and takes place throughout the year. Several techniques are presented to students in order to be able to implement good university working methods as early as possible.

  • STAPS License 1 – Individualized course 3:

o As part of this individualized course, the first year of the degree is completed over two years. This path is planned to allow students who need it to reduce the workload per year. The lessons of the first year of the Bachelor's degree are therefore spread over two years rather than just one.

  • License 1 STAPS – Health Access (L.AS – Health Access License):

o Students on this course are intended to follow the courses of the STAPS License as well as health courses offered by the UFR Santé of the University of Reunion.

o Students enrolled in the Health Access program are eligible to apply for entrance exams to studies in medicine, midwifery, odontology and pharmacy. 

Conditions of access to training

Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Continuing Studies

Master STAPS

Career opportunities

  • Physical trainer

  • trainer or sports facilitator

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