Public Administration License (LAP)

Domain: Cultures, territories and plural societies in the Indian Ocean

Course: Prépa Talents

ECTS credits


level of studies
at the end of training

Baccalaureate +3

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Moufia Campus

Type of training : Licence

Training regime: Initial training, Continuing training

Training summary

This training, like all Talent Preparations, is intended primarily for the most deserving higher education scholarship students to prepare for competitive exams giving access to management positions in the civil service. In a logic of mixing and emulation of the profiles of the preparers, candidates who do not meet the resource conditions can apply.
Open for initial and continuing training, the Public Administration License Prépa Talents can be followed over one year (14 p.m. to 20:30 p.m. and Saturday morning) or, on an employee basis, over 2 years (evening classes, 17:30 p.m. to 20:30 p.m., and Saturday morning ). It is aimed at a diverse audience: students, job seekers, contract workers, public officials

Training aims

This Prépa Talents class aims to support talented young people from modest origins towards public service careers thanks to reinforced preparation courses for category A and B civil service competitions.
It brings together in close partnership with the University of Reunion, the three sides of the public service, represented by the Prefecture, the Regional Platform for Interministerial Support for Human Resources Management (PFRH), the regional delegation of the National Center for the Territorial Civil Service (CNFPT), the regional council of Reunion, the University Hospital of Reunion (CHU), the Regional Institute of Health Management of the Indian Ocean (IRMSOI) and the Regional Institute of Administration of Metz (IRA).

Advantages of the training

Prépa Talents Scholarship: Students enrolled in Prépa Talents will be financially supported during their training by a dedicated scholarship of 4000 euros, which can be combined with the scholarship based on social criteria, in order to be able to devote themselves entirely to this demanding preparation. They will also be able to benefit from support for accommodation or catering.

Targeted skills

Students acquire the essential knowledge and methods that candidates for administrative competitions must master.

The training program thus ensures a level of general culture and knowledge of public law, finance and economics necessary and adapted to preparation for administrative competitions as well as to the exercise of management functions in the administration.

  • Know public law and master administrative files

  • Contribute to defining and proposing a human resources policy

  • Apply basic concepts in public law, finance and economics

  • Priority and time management

  • Critical, analytical and synthesis skills

  • Adaptability to situations encountered

  • Respect for confidentiality and ethical rules

  • Writing skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Rigor, method and pragmatism

  • Curiosity of mind to update your knowledge

Sheet of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

Summary of lessons by course

Public Law :

  • Constitutional right

  • Administrative law

  • European Union law

  • Civil service law and public management

Finances, economics and general culture:

  • Local, national and European finances

  • Economic

  • Culture générale

  • Contemporary political and social problems


  • foreign living language

  • Conferences, discovery of professions and personalized professional project 

  • Digital culture

  • Oral interview with the jury

  • Immersive internship in administration

Methodology and support for success:

  • Elements of general legal culture

  • Methodology of competition tests

  • Reinforced training for competitive exams

  • Referral


Internship, personalized professional project

Specific devices

Each selected student will benefit from enhanced tutoring by current civil servants and senior civil servants or trainee civil servants from public service schools.

An immersive administration internship is also planned.

Conditions of access to training

Baccalaureate + 2 or equivalent, on file and interview

Continuing Studies

The holder of a Public Administration License Prépa Talents will also be able to continue, depending on the relevant access conditions, in the 1st year of a Master of Public Law (in particular in the Master of Public Law Prépa Talents) and in the 1st year of a Master Administration public.

Career opportunities

Category A or B administrative positions in the three public services (State, territorial and hospital)

  • State Administration Attaché (IRA)

  • Editor / Territorial Attaché

  • Controller/Inspector of Public Finances

  • Controller / Inspector of customs and indirect duties

  • Inspector of competition, consumption and fraud repression

  • Hospital administration associate

  • Administrative secretary (SAENES and others)

  • Registrar / Director of Registry Services

  • Prison Lieutenant / Director of Prison Services

  • Lieutenant / Firefighter Captain

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