Master – Human Resources Management (HRM)

Domain: Cultures, territories and plural societies in the Indian Ocean

Course: Not concerned

ECTS credits


level of studies
at the end of training

Baccalaureate + 5

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Victory Site

Type of training : Master

Training regime: Alternating training

Training summary

The Master in Human Resources Management (HRM) offers various courses such as organization, workforce and skills management, law and pay, management and transversal training skills.

Training aims

  • Train professionals capable of progressing towards positions of responsibility in the field of HRM, workplace relations, employment and professional integration

  • Acquire a global vision of the company and its challenges

Advantages of the training

  • A strategic vision of the company's skills and social personality

  • Strong professionalization of the sector with 60 professional stakeholders (Human Resources Directors, lawyers, etc.)

  • Field experience thanks to periods in business

Targeted skills

  • Development of the Human Resources strategy

  • Lead management actions in HRM

  • Implement HR management tools and methods

  • Ensure compliance of HRM with the rules and standards in force

  • Lead and unite groups, develop relationships and leadership

Sheet of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

Summary of lessons by course

  • Workforce and skills management

  • Law and pay

  • Management

  • Memo


Professional thesis

Specific devices

Not concerned

Conditions of access to training

On file, baccalaureate + 3 or equivalent

Continuing Studies


Career opportunities

  • Human resources manager

  • Responsible for training, remuneration, recruitment

  • Assistant Human Resources Department (HRD) or Administrative and Financial Director (DAF)

Evolution after experience:

  • Director of Human Resources

  • HR or social strategy consultant

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