Professional license – Tourism and Leisure Professions (MTL)

Domain: Cultures, territories and plural societies in the Indian Ocean

Course: Not applicable

ECTS credits


level of studies
at the end of training

Baccalaureate + 3

Teaching locations

Saint-Denis – Victory Site

Type of training : Bachelor's degree

Training regime: Continuing Education

Training summary

The Professional License in Tourism and Leisure Professions (MTL) offers various courses such as entrepreneurship and strategy, digital marketing and management tools.

Training aims

  • Train future assistant managers of a tourism organization in its various functions (strategy, marketing, management, sales, etc.)

  • Provide functional and operational skills in the management of tourism and leisure businesses

Advantages of the training

Specialization in one of the most dynamic sectors in the world

Professionalization in tourism and leisure professions

Teaching provided by professionals and academics

A first expertise in the different activities of the world of tourism

Targeted skills

  • Master the fundamental notions of tourism business management

  • Develop, implement, distribute and sell tourism products

  • Actively participate in a project

  • Have strong adaptation and communication skills

  • Master foreign languages

Sheet of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

Summary of lessons by course

  • Management Tools 

  • Entrepreneurship and strategy

  • Digital marketing

  • Foreign language and interculturality

  • Experience and product in tourism

  • Hotel management

  • Tourism management tools

  • Mentored projects


Supervised project

Specific devices

Not concerned

Conditions of access to training

After study of the file, Baccalaureate + 2 level or equivalent

Continuing Studies

 Not applicable

Career opportunities

  • Assistant manager in tourist and leisure structures (accommodation, reception, seminar, etc.)

  • Local development advisor

  • Travel and tourist stay agent

  • Sales manager

  • Responsible for customer

  • Receptionist, housekeeper

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