Integrated preparatory cycle

Domain: Sciences, technologies and health in tropical environments

Course: Agri-food option
Building and Energy Option
Computer science and telecommunications option

ECTS credits


level of studies
at the end of training


Teaching locations

Saint-Pierre – Terre-Sainte campus

Type of training : Integrated preparatory cycle

Training regime: Initial formation

Training summary

The CPI of the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Réunion Océan Allemand (ESIROI) constitutes the main route of access to the engineering curriculum in the three specialties of the school: agri-food, building and energy, IT and telecommunications. The CPI aims to provide in two years the scientific bases required for further studies in the engineering cycle at ESIROI or in one of the partner schools.

Training aims

The CPI aims to provide the scientific bases, methods and tools required for further studies in the engineering cycle. This is the main route to the engineering cycle in the school's 3 specialties: agri-food, building and energy, IT and telecommunications.

Advantages of the training

The advantages of the training are:
Acquire the basics of engineering sciences
Acquire the methods and tools necessary to pursue engineering studies
Guide students in building their professional project

Targeted skills

At the end of the training, the engineering student will be able to:

  • Conduct a situation analysis using a diagnostic-type approach

  • Ask a problem

  • Conduct a reflective investigative approach

  • Conduct and analyze an experiment

  • Announce and describe new perspectives

  • Construct a scientific argument based on different references

  • Organize a written production

  • Structuring and presenting an oral communication

Summary of lessons by course

The ESIROI CPI takes place over two years, or four semesters. At the end of the first year (semester 2), engineering students choose one of the specialties of the school's engineering cycle: agri-food, building and energy or IT and telecommunications. Also, at the end of the first year, engineering students complete a four-week industrial internship in a company.

During the four semesters, the common core consists of the following subjects:
engineering sciences, life sciences, general economics and view of today's world, expression and communication techniques, English, sport.

From the second year (semester 3), specialization courses are included in the program.
At the end of semester 4, engineering students who have validated all their teaching units automatically join the ESIROI engineering curriculum to move on to the third year.


In CPI 1: a one-month worker internship at the end of CPI 1 and a bibliographic synthesis project
In CPI 2: a poster project

Specific devices

Upgrade workshops, integration day for new entrants, tutoring

Conditions of access to training

On Geipi Polytech competition, baccalaureate or equivalent

Continuing Studies

Continuation of studies in the Engineering Cycle at ESIROI:
Agri-food specialties or building and energy specialties or IT and telecommunications specialties
It is also possible to continue studies in the Engineering cycle at one of the 34 schools in the Polytech network.

Career opportunities


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