Reorientation/change of sector

Reorientation procedure at L1 level at the end of the first initial semester from November 1, 23 to January 2023, 19

This year we are offering 2 types of reorientation procedures: 

  1. Internal Reorientation: It concerns the bachelor's student of the year, regularly registered at the University of Reunion in the current year in 1st year of PASS, in 1st year of bachelor's degree, University Bachelor of Technology (BUT) or the Réunion Indian Ocean Higher School of Engineering. These students must contact the Direction of Orientation, Integration and Entrepreneurship (DORIE).
  2. External Reorientation : External Reorientation:  It concerns the baccalaureate student registered this year in another establishment in 1st year of higher studies at public or private level in France/Réunion for a License 1first year, a University Bachelor of Technology (BUT) or a Higher Technician Certificate (BTS).

CPGE students wishing to reorient themselves must send a cover letter, the baccalaureate transcript and the school certificate to the following address:

What training courses are available at the University of Reunion?

Steps Details
1Du November 23 to December 16, 2023 and from January 16 to 19, 2024,
entry of the request on application candidate
2 If your reorientation request has been accepted and you come from another establishment, you must register online before February 12, 2024 on:
If you are a student at our university and the reorientation request has been accepted, you will be able to download a new education certificate at the address:
3Payment of registration fees online or by check for external students.

To benefit from support as part of your reorientation, our guidance counselors are available by appointment only at the Moufia campus and at Le Tampon.

Information available from DORIE

Documents to be provided (to be inserted in the application):

  • An ID.
  • A cover letter.
  • Photocopy of the baccalaureate transcript.
  • The 2023-2024 school certificate.
  • For foreign students, proof of address in France.
  • Any document that you deem useful for studying your request.

(No postal delivery of these pieces will be accepted)

For all information on training, you can consult our website, section training catalog

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