Mobility passport

Existence/non-existence of sector

The Mobility Passport is an aid granted to students from overseas departments and territories.

This system entitles you to one return ticket per academic year.

To be eligible for this assistance, you must:

  • that the chosen sector is non-existent at the University of La Réunion
  • that the student who was a candidate for training that exists in Reunion provides proof that he was refused this training

The University only responds to the following sectors: Licenses, DUT, Professional Licenses, Masters and doctorates.

The certificate of non-existence of a course is only issued if the name of the mention and/or course are different from those offered at the University of Reunion. We do not take into account specific options and/or specialties for the issuance of the certificate.

For requests relating to:

  • BTS
  • CPGE
  • Specialized Schools
  • Engineering Schools
  • Business Schools

Contact the SAIO by filling out the form available at the following link:

Please note, no certificate can be issued immediately, the processing time may take a few days. The document will be sent exclusively by email.

A mobility passport renewal for an identical sector as part of the continuation of its course does not require a new certificate. Renewal is only necessary in the event of a change of direction.

Please note, we have noticed problems with requests coming from the YAHOO and ORANGE and LA POSTE addresses, we thank you if possible for using an address from another operator.


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