Key figures

The University is today the leading training and research force in the region.


  1. 19 registered for the 200-2021 school year
  2. 200 training courses in initial and continuing education, from infra-baccalaureate level (DAEU) to doctorate
  3. 986 foreign students last year
  4. 5 Training and Research Units (UFR)
  5. 3 historical UFR Law-economics, letters and human sciences, sciences and technologies; Human and Environmental Sciences (which includes Staps) and Health.
  6. 6 institutes: IUT of Saint-Pierre, IAE in La Victoire, Inspé (teacher training), Institute of Illiteracy and Languages ​​of the Indian Ocean (ILLET), Confucius Institute (ICR), Indian Oceanic Digital Institute (IIN )
  7. 22 laboratories
  8. 3 research federations
  9. 2 doctoral schools of excellence
  10. 40 thesis defenses per year
  11. 5 remarkable technical platforms
  12. 1500 staff
Photo of the Bioclimatic Amphitheater – Moufia Campus
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