Promote your events

Are you organizing an event and would like to promote it on the various communication channels of the University of Reunion? You are on the right page !

The Communications Department supports you in promoting your actions by providing you with various forms to complete according to your needs.

Website: Communicate in the “calendar” section

Would you like your event to be added to the calendar on the University website?

ATTENTION ! To guarantee the proper publication and promotion of your event, we thank you for making your request 7 days before the start date of your event (working days only). Late requests will not be published.

Website: communicate in the “top news” section

Share the latest news from the establishment and promote your event by putting it in the headlines!

Communicate in the media

Do you want to invite the media to your event or promote your action after your event?

Contact us on

Contact at least 15 days before your event is requested.

Communicate on social networks

Broadcast your event to a wide audience by communicating it on the University of Reunion's social networks!

We will advise you on the best channels to use to reach the target that concerns you!

Sponsorship : Do you have an action that requires reaching a large audience or a specific audience? Sponsor one or more publications, an event or even a video!

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