The ambition that the University of Reunion has in the field of international relations and regional cooperation is to become the French and European university of reference on the Africa-Asia axis.

Due to its geostrategic position, the University of Reunion is the only French and European university in this region of the world. It stands out for its high level of internationalization with nearly 986 students of more than 60 nationalities registered each year.

The University of La Réunion is today more visible, more attractive and more competitive internationally. It fulfilled its triple mission: to promote a culture of international relations, to develop the “Université de La Réunion” brand and to contribute to the construction of an Indian-oceanic space of higher education, research and innovation through the deployment of academic diplomacy.

It is today among the first 25 establishments to have the “Bienvenue en France” label, a label created as part of the national strategy for attracting international students which aims to guarantee the quality of the reception facilities offered to these audiences thanks to a national standard recognized and certified by the State.

To deploy its action internationally, it has more than 200 active European and international cooperation agreements around the world. Furthermore, the University offers numerous well-known international mobility programs (ERASMUS, ISEP, DAAD, BCI, PPI, etc.) and original ones financed with its own funds (Indian Ocean excellence scholarships) as well as mobility programs resulting from bilateral conventions. (South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, China).

It is also part of numerous international (AUF, RETI, DG2, Campus France, etc.) and regional networks, including that of the Indian Ocean universities which it initiated in July 2018.

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