Welcome to France

With nearly 950 international students enrolled each year, the establishment is pursuing its internationalization strategy, which is today reinforced by the renewal of the “Bienvenue en France” label, awarded for 4 years by Campus France and validated by an independent commission.

The University of Reunion, the only French and European university in the Indian Ocean, has obtained the label Welcome to France in July 2019, thus being one of the first twenty-five higher education establishments certified in the national territory. Since then, the establishment has continued to work to improve the reception of international students from all backgrounds.

He is today rewarded for the actions deployed since 2019, the agency Campus France having just awarded him level 2 labelingfor 4 years.

A diversification of the number of nationalities

This label distinguishes establishments which offer accessible and quality information to international students, dedicated reception facilities, support in teaching, a fulfilling campus life, as well as post-graduation follow-up.

If the University of Reunion welcomed 875 international students when she obtained the label in 2019, she now welcomes 949, with ever greater diversification in the number of nationalities present.

The most represented nationalities remain those of our neighbors in the Indian Ocean (students from the Comoros, Madagascar and Mauritius). But the university also has the pleasure of counting on the benches of its amphitheaters students of very diverse origins (Germans, Ethiopians, Indians, etc.) and sometimes distant ones (Canadians, Mexicans, etc.), to name just a few of the 67 nationalities present on the different campuses this year.

The renewal of the label and the granting of a new star, which recognizes the work accomplished by the administrative and educational teams of the establishment, is likely to strengthen the visibility of the University of La Réunion abroad and serve its internationalization strategy, which pursues three objectives for the 2020-25 period:

  • contribute to anchoring a culture of international relations within the establishment through increased mobility;
  • strengthen the positioning of the University of La Réunion in the Indian-Oceanic region
  • and participate in the construction of interconnected university ecosystems on a European scale.
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