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Become a French assistant with France Éducation International

What is a French assistant?

The assistant supports the French teacher in the foreign country. Its mission is notably to help students improve their communication skills and their knowledge of French culture.

It is possible to take charge of small groups alone or to accompany the teacher during whole class lessons.

Assistants can be assigned to primary or secondary schools, or to university establishments.

The duration of mobility is 4,5 to 12 months, depending on the destinations.

The status of assistants as well as their working conditions (and remuneration) also vary depending on the host country.

Country of destination

You will find the list of eligible countries on this link: list of countries.

Why become a French assistant abroad?

Why become a French assistant abroad?

This type of mobility offers young people the opportunity to experience a cultural and linguistic bath and thus deepen their knowledge of another culture and another language.

The assistants, too, bring a lot to the establishments by sharing their knowledge of French and French culture.

This experience can be a springboard towards a future international career.

What are the prerequisites?

Depending on the country of destination, the prerequisites change. The criteria used are often:

  • French nationality
  • The validated level of studies:
    • Most often, you must have validated an L2 to be able to apply.
    • Some destinations, such as Germany, Austria or Spain, also accept applications from students who have completed an L1.
    • Other destinations, such as Belarus or Brazil or Canada, require that candidates have validated an L3 at the time of submitting their application.
    • Rare destinations, such as India, require that candidates have validated an M1 at the time of submitting their application.
  • The course of study followed:
    • Destinations like Kenya or Switzerland accept students of French nationality enrolled in any course of study.
    • Many destinations, such as Argentina, Australia, the United States, Ireland, Peru or the United Kingdom, will require that candidates have followed specific courses in languages ​​or Educational Sciences (e.g. : FLE, Letters, LLCE, LEA, Language Sciences, Education Sciences, etc.)
    • Some destinations accept candidates who have also studied in Humanities and Social Sciences (this is the case of the United States, Italy or India for example).
    • Other destinations also accept candidates who have studied Arts, Economics and Management, Tourism and Hospitality (this is the case of Italy) or Law and Political Sciences (this is the case of Brazil).
  • Sometimes an age criterion is used. Some destinations only accept students aged between 20 and 35.

Students are advised to consult the country sheets for each destination to know the precise prerequisites.

How to apply?

The campaign for the year 2022-2023 will open on January 4, 2022. Updated dates will be communicated soon

As soon as the campaign opens, you will be able to:

  • complete your online registration on the website France Education International  ;
  • have an interview with a language teacher who will assess your application and your motivation.

Language teachers from the University of Reunion who will invite you at the end of your registration on the France Education International website are the following :

German: Ms. JAGOT

English: Ms. TOSSER


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