Associations for international students

An international student will never be alone at the University of Reunion!

To encourage their integration into our establishment, associations organize educational outings, integration evenings, etc.

The Comorian Students Association in Reunion, created in 1994, aims to present and defend the interests of students of Comorian origin while trying to maintain permanent contacts between students and the Comorian community present on the island to promote cultural and sporting exchanges, etc. Since its creation, the association has continued to organize or participate in various cultural activities (festivals, exhibitions, sports tournaments, conferences) whether at the University of Reunion, or elsewhere on the island. We are now among the associations of CROUS and the University of Reunion, that is to say those who work within the framework of improving life on campus as well as animation. 



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President: Benjamine YOUSSOUF

Phone: 06 93 40 78 76

Educational outing
Remedial teaching
Soccer tournament

The Association of Malagasy Students of Reunion is a student association, affiliated with the University of La Réunion, domiciled at the CROUS of La Réunion, which has been present in the student landscape since 1994. Our members – all people without distinction of origin, gender or beliefs – share a common interest: Madagascar. We are guardians of Malagasy culture aiming to preserve and promote our identity within the university community.

Activities within the association include help and advice for new students, various outings and activities to discover Reunion Island, participation in cultural events as well as the organization of a cultural week at the University.


Mail: aemr1994[at]

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President: Latianah Vidot Rakotoarimanana

Mail: latianahvidot[at]

Phone: 0692 52 34 43

Dipavali 2019
Treetop adventure (2018)
Integration day (2019)
New Year's picnic
Festival 2019
Integration Day

ISRUN (International Students of Reunion Island) is an association created on September 12, 2017. The creation of ISRUN is linked to the fact that most of its members carried out mobility abroad during their studies. Thus, they were able to discover and take part in associations which took care of mobile students. On their return they found that there were not enough at the University of Reunion. Their objective is therefore to welcome and facilitate the academic and social integration of international students at the university. For this ISRUN helps them in their administrative procedures and wants to bring them closer to local students and their culture, by organizing evenings and cultural and historical outings. In addition, the association is committed to promoting international mobility.

Chill outing in St Leu (2021_2022)
Dipavali (2018-2019)
Talk club
Hike to Pic Adam
Integration day and evening
Language Café (2017_2018)

Brun's Réussir is an association which was born in December 2017 and was made official on November 12, 2018. This association brings together all people of African origin and beyond.

Aware of the difficulties of students arriving on the island, Brun's Réussir welcomes Blacks, Reds, Yellows, Browns, Whites, hence its name “Brun's”, thus wishing to embrace the objective it advocates. Our goal is obviously to facilitate the integration of foreign students, workers and interns who come to Reunion Island for the first time. Our actions to enable the integration and insertion of foreign students add the notion of “Succeed”, which is our common objective.

Today, thanks to Brun's Réussir, several students can rejoice at not having experienced this sad reality of facing the unknown all alone, a situation that some African students experienced before the birth of the association.


President: Jordan KAKAM

Mail: brun.reussir1[at]

Tel: 0693.48.13.90

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International Week (2020)
General Assembly (2020)
Discovery trip to the south (2019)

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