Buddy system

The Buddy System is an online platform that brings international students and local students into contact through sponsorship.

Do you want to be helped with your procedures (documents, accommodation, jobs)?

Would you like to discover the local culture, practice the language and meet local students?

International student, become a Mentee!

How it works

With the Buddy System, we will find you a Buddy to help you and share their experience in this new city!

Once you arrive on the Buddy System Platform, it takes you less than 5 minutes to register! You just need to provide basic but essential information about your profile (place of study, age, gender, hobbies, arrival and departure date, etc.).

Then, the local coordinator in your city will assign you a Buddy corresponding to your expectations with the help of our algorithm! It will be a local student if you are an international student and vice versa.

Finally, all you have to do is get in touch with your Buddy, share the Buddy System experience with him and take advantage of the services and events offered on the Platform!

Buddy System Platform: www.buddysystem.eu

  1. Register in 5 minutes on buddysystem.eu
  2. Complete your profile and a Buddy will be assigned to you by the local coordinator in your city
  3. Get in touch with your Buddy and don't hesitate to ask him or her any questions you have regarding your mobility.

Don't panic, the local coordinator will be there to support you if necessary and organize activities related to the Buddy System.

Laura, international student and her local Buddy Bryan

I think the Buddy System is a good opportunity to get to know local students, better understand the culture and have new experiences

Laura, Germany

International student ambassadors, real relays in your UFR, are there to help you in your efforts, to help you discover the campus and Reunion life.

Do not hesitate to contact them for any questions or information!

contacts: soon to come

More information ? Contact the international relations team

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