Mobility aids

You will find in our table of financial aid for mobility abroad, all the information on the possibilities of obtaining this aid as well as the application timetables.

The information concerns all of the UR's mobility schemes abroad: ERASMUS (Europe), BCI (Quebec), International Profile Program with Laval University (Quebec) ISEP (United States), exchanges within the framework of bilateral conventions, internships, advanced research work, linguistic assistance.

The “Money for studies” guide also allows you to find a summary of all possible aid provided you meet the eligibility criteria. Below you will find the aid files which can be downloaded and submitted to the DRI which is your sole contact, please contact the Mobility Grants Manager.

Need more information ? Contact the international relations team

Types of allowances

By the Ministry of Higher Education: International Mobility Assistance (AMI) grant

Pfor students stock of higher education or non-taxable scholarship students as long as they have their own tax declaration and benefit from emergency assistance from the CROUS. Mobility must be compulsory, it must be carried out abroad for a minimum period of 2 months and unpaid.

The award of this scholarship is not automatic and is based on different criteria. The files must be collected from the DRI (International Relations Department) and the aid will be paid by the University.

Files for international mobility grants can be downloaded from the following link: International mobility assistance file 2024-2025, the eligibility and allocation conditions can be consulted on the following link: AMI eligibility conditions.

  • Mobility between August and December 2024: Deadline for sending June 30, 2024 (grant notification to be sent no later than August 19, 2024);
  • Mobility between December 2024 and March 2025: Deadline for sending November 29, 2024
  • Mobility between April and June 2025: Deadline for sending March 21, 2025;

By the Regional Council of Reunion, based on criteria set by this community

You can consult the criteria and the amount of its aid in the financial aid table (later)

Schedule for submission of files to the University's International Relations Department:

  • Mobility between August and November 2024: Deadline for sending June 30, 2024;
  • Mobility between December 2024 and March 2025: Deadline for sending two months before departure on mobility (date to be specified later) ;
  • Mobility between April and June 2025: Deadline for sending two months before departure on mobility, (date to be specified later) ;

Engagement contract 2024-2025

By LADOM – Meeting

LADOM presents:

  • The Mobility Passport:

For study mobility to one of the 27 member states of the European Union (this mainly concerns Erasmus students), the DRI provides a certificate indicating that you are going on mobility. The file must be compiled and submitted directly to LADOM.

By the European Union

 For students of the ERASMUS programs (ERASMUS-Studies and ERASMUS-Internships) and COMENIUS (Language Assistants in Europe outside the CIEP system).

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