CYCLONEX seminar at the University of Reunion

Thursday May 24, the seminar “Cyclonex: end of the 2024 hurricane season”, organized by the Prefecture of Reunion, was held on the Moufia campus.

Opened by Professor COMBY, provisional administrator of the University of Reunion, this event aimed to present the feedback relating to the passage of cyclone BELAL on Reunion 

University professor and geographer specializing in climatology and risk, Professor COMBY introduced research in this area within our establishment: “We are one of the leading forces in the region in this area, equipped with 22 research units, including 12 reception teams and 9 mixed research units, grouped into three federations: biosecurity in tropical environments, observation of societies of the Indian Ocean and observation of natural environments and global changes. Atmospheric sciences are also particularly developed within our establishment. This disciplinary field even gives the University of Reunion its place in the famous Shanghai ranking, atmospheric sciences category. The study of climate is therefore one of our flagship areas, in particular thanks to our atmospheric and cyclone laboratory, the LACY, which we share under supervision with Météo France, here present, and the CNRS”.

Around a hundred actors involved in the management of this type of crisis were invited to workshops by the services of the Reunion prefecture: the armed forces, civil security, firefighters, health services, etc. to share their post-BELAL feedback.

©Prefecture of Reunion

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