Eco-mobility: The new campus bicycle racks

Recently, bicycle racks appeared on the Moufia campus, offering practical spaces for parking bicycles, electric scooters and other means of sustainable two-wheeled transport.

Intended for the entire university community, students, teachers and administrative staff, these hoops facilitate the use of alternative modes of transport, while contributing to a more friendly and ecological environment.

In total, around forty hoops will be distributed over ten different locations. The installations, still in progress, will be completed in the coming days.

This initiative aims to encourage the university community to adopt environmentally friendly modes of travel, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Distributed at various strategic locations on campus, the bicycle parking lots will be located near the busiest facilities.

Other arches will be added later on other university sites.

The installation of these infrastructures is part of a broader vision of ecological and environmental transition, by promoting the reduction of air pollution, reducing traffic jams and contributing to the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. The university demonstrates here its commitment to a more sustainable and eco-responsible future.

©Karelle D’Ambelle De Peindra

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