Cutting-edge research and development platforms

The University of Reunion Island has cutting-edge shared scientific and technological platforms in the field of health (the CYROI, the only ultramarine cyclotron), atmospheric physics (with the Maïdo atmospheric observatory), and remote sensing. with the observation station “satellite-assisted environmental monitoring in the Indian Ocean (SEAS-OI platform), plant protection (Plant Protection Pole) or even earth sciences (Piton de la Volcanologique Observatoire Furnace).

The latest technical platform, created jointly with the University Hospital Center of Reunion Island, PLATIN-OI aims to meet the legal and technical requirements for handling pathogens of class 3 viral origin.

Finally, the establishment's computing center and the permanent stations on ecosystems complete these platforms, which have now become privileged tools for the influence and internationalization of research at the University of Reunion.

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