Accreditation to direct research (HDR)

What is authorization to direct research?

The Habilitation to Direct Research diploma is governed by the decree of November 23, 1988 modified by the decrees of February 13, 1992, July 13, 1995 and April 25, 2002:

 » The Accreditation to Direct Research recognizes the high scientific level of the candidate, the original character of his approach in a field of science, his ability to master a research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological field and his ability to supervise young researchers. In particular, it allows you to be a candidate for access to the corps of university professors. « .

The HDR file in stages

STEP 1: Submission of the registration authorization request for the Accreditation to Direct Research.

STEP 2: Appointment of the two rapporteurs by the Vice-President in charge of Research. They are internal to the establishment, if not external. Receipt of reports.

STEP 3: Review of application. Reading of reports and decision on registration by the Restricted Academic Council. In the event of a favorable opinion, the candidate must register with the DSVE.

There is an incompressible period of one month between step 1 and step 3.

STEP 4: Submission of the proposal for the appointment of rapporteurs and jury members for a defense with a view to the Accreditation to Direct Research.

The candidate submits a summary file, either one or more published or typed works or a work file accompanied by a summary of the candidate's scientific activity highlighting his experience in leading research.

STEP 5: Examination of the proposal of the names of the rapporteurs and members of the jury to the Restricted Academic Council.

There is an incompressible period of one month between step 3 and step 5.

STEP 6: The Research Center sends a letter of appointment to the rapporteurs and the candidate, after receipt of the Minutes of the Restricted Academic Council.

The rapporteurs will send their written opinions to the President, no later than two weeks before the defense date. Upon receipt of the favorable reports, the Research Center sends the members of the jury and the candidate their invitation for the defense.

STEP 7: The defense.

On the day of the defense, the president of the jury draws up a report, countersigned by all the members of the jury and submits it to the Research Department, which will then communicate it to the candidate.

There is an incompressible period of two months between step 5 and step 7.

Please note: no certificate of success will be provided if the report is not returned to the Research Center

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