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The setting

Order of May 25, 2016 relating to doctoral training

« To be registered for a doctorate, the candidate must hold a national master's diploma or another diploma conferring the degree of master, at the end of a training course or professional experience establishing their aptitude for the research.

If this diploma condition is not met, the head of the establishment may, by way of derogation and on the proposal of the doctoral school council, enroll in doctorates people who have completed studies at an equivalent level or benefit from validation. of the acquired experience provided for in Article L. 613-5 of the Education Code. The list of beneficiaries of these measures is presented each year to the doctoral school council and to the research commission of the academic council, or to the body which takes its place in the establishment concerned.» 

After having defined his thesis project with his future thesis director, the doctoral candidate must register in 1st thesis year following two stages, in order below: 

  • 1st step: preregistration from the Doctoral School by going to ADUM ;
  • 2rd step: Administrative registration to the  DSVE.


To register at university you must:

  • hold a DEA, a Master's degree or another European Union diploma conferring the degree of Master's degree
  • have either financing, or be self-financing
  • have a thesis director attached to a research unit at the University of La Réunion
  • only in SHS: have an average of 12/20 over the entire master's degree with an audition before the Doctoral School council.

You must first create a registration authorization request file online (via the link below) which must be signed by the thesis director as well as by the director of the Research Unit to which you will be attached. e.

List of documents to be provided

First registrationRe-registration
The Individual Training Agreement (CIF)1 ID photo in JPG format
1 ID photo in JPG formatProof of funding (doctoral contract, ARR, Campus France scholarship, etc.) or a copy of the employment contract if the doctoral student is an employee
The theses charter (recovery of the signature of the Director of the ED will be done only by ED managers)A right to use the image
The research projectThe report of the Thesis Monitoring Committee (CST)
The non-plagiarism commitmentA request for exemption if re-registration in 4e year and more:

For a 4e year, signed by the doctoral student;
for a 5e year and above, signed by the doctoral student et his thesis director.
Proof of funding (doctoral contract, ARR, Campus France scholarship, etc.) or a copy of the employment contract if the doctoral student is an employee
If registering in ED Human and Social Sciences: Master's transcript
The file for validation of acquired knowledge for candidates who do not hold a Master’s degree:

If the last establishment attended (less than 3 years) is French, the file is to be downloaded ;
If the last establishment attended is not French, the file is to be downloaded.
* You must use your institutional email address (, otherwise contact the Doctoral School.
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