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The sky in 2024

Thème: Astronomy

Speaker: Thomas RICHARD, Tuesday February 20, 2024

This new year, already off to a good start, still has some wonderful surprises and celestial news in store for us. Astronomical events to expect in 2024, space missions to monitor, the sky calendar for the coming year.

Where are we ? Famous cities in painting

Thème: Painting

Speaker: Nathalie DOUAY, November 14, 2023

Paris, London, New York… you think you know them but will you be able to recognize them? These cities, their famous perspectives, their emblematic monuments have sometimes taken on aspects that are, to say the least, inventive and particular under the brush of painters.

Whether it is a question of giving its letters of nobility to one's hometown, of creating the ideal setting for an edifying event, of suggesting a particular atmosphere or of situating a memory, there is no shortage of works which have as their subject or setting a city symbolized by a remarkable view.

See the music

Thème: Music, painting

Speakers: Ishtar MATUS-ECHAIZ & Nathalie DOUAY, October 31, 2023

Music like you've never seen it, painting like you've never heard it. This is the conference for two voices and four hands that we offer you to explore the strong links that these artistic expressions have woven together for a long time.

Music like you've never seen it, painting like you've never heard it. This is the conference for two voices and four hands that we offer you to explore the strong links that these artistic expressions have woven together for a long time.

1816-1912: The return of the Olympic Games

Thème: History

Speaker: Michel METENIER, October 03, 2023

The end of the XNUMXth century was a politically turbulent period with national and international crises. It is in this tense context that the idea of ​​bringing ancient games up to date was born.

But will the trials really free themselves from political influence? How was Mr. de Coubertin's great idea ultimately going to triumph? Will the competitions only be sporting?

It’s Kafkaesque!

Thème: Literature

Speaker: Marcel DITCHE, October 17, 2023

“KAFKAÏEN”! The pandemic and lockdowns have sparked an incredible proliferation of this term in the media. But what exactly does it mean, apart from the general and vague sense of “bizarre” or “absurd”, which its frequent confusion with “baroque”, “ubiuesque” or “surrealist” has further contributed to blurring?

The challenge of this conference consists, thanks to a return to the major texts of Franz Kafka (The Trial, The Castle or The Metamorphosis), to redefine this term more rigorously and therefore to better understand the realities of the contemporary world that it claims to apprehend.

Ramses the great: a king, a myth

Thème: History, Egyptology

Speaker: Charlotte Lejeune

At a time when all of Paris has only this word on its lips, let's take the time to study the subject a little: Who is this famous Ramses II? What do we know about his family, his education, then his relationship and his children? How does he reign? Is he really behind the world's first peace treaty? What was Egypt in its time? Why do so many monuments bear his name? And finally, what happened to his grave and his mortal remains?

This conference invites you to discover the man behind the superstar and to analyze his fame, which is more recent than you might think.

Who is who ? The selfie before its time: with or without filters?

Thème: Painting, photography

Speaker: Marie GARET, September 19, 2023

Since the democratization of photography, it has become more and more common to see one's own features immortalized in an image. Today, it has even become a daily practice for some, turning the viewfinder of their phone upside down to take a photo of themselves, a “selfie”, as they say.

Until the XNUMXth century, this practice was mainly the prerogative of artists: a narcissistic practice perhaps but above all an economic one, which avoided paying for a model.

This conference offers you, in the form of a quiz, to find who is who and then discover 1001 anecdotes about these genius artists that we know. Now it remains to know it again.

Travels to the ends of the world

Thème: History of modern and contemporary arts

Speaker: Nathalie DOUAY, September 12, 2023

Art is a journey, its contemplation an escape. When artists dream of somewhere else, do they take us further?

Between escape and exploration, discovery and wandering, the desire for elsewhere sometimes seizes us when looking at works that transport us to new shores. Let us let ourselves be carried away on these enchanting waves in order to travel new routes and immerse ourselves in these artistic creations.

Paris at the cinema

Thème: Cinema

Speaker: Clément GRAMINIÈS, September 05, 2023

Documentary and fiction cinema stood as a witness to the changes experienced by Paris throughout the 20th century. Through a selection of extracts, we will travel back in time or evoke the versatile vision (romantic, dystopian) that fictional cinema offers of the capital.

Street Art: the street is a museum

Thème: History of modern and contemporary arts

Speaker: Nathalie DOUAY, May 09, 2023

Since the statues installed in squares, art has come a long way to get closer to its public: today, it covers the walls of our cities, gives new depth to public squares, brings in color, humor and astonishment in our daily journeys.

He plays his role in leading us to take a fresh look at himself and his artists, at our cities but also at our values. A free art among all, street art reveals itself to be much more than an urban fantasy.

The Lumière Brothers, the birth of cinema

Thème: Cinema

Speaker: Anaëlle CHAROIN, May 02, 2023

From the creation by the Lumière brothers of a family business dedicated to photography to the making of the first film "Sortie d'Usine", let's follow the beginnings of cinema from discoveries to inventions.

During this conference, we will discuss the life of these famous siblings and their scientific, but also optical, mechanical and chemical inventions. We will return to the genesis of this beautiful idea with an incredible destiny: putting images into motion.

The origins of caricature

Thème: caricature and parody

Speaker: Marie GARET, April 25, 2023

Let's dive into the world of the grotesque, the parody, the hullabaloo! There's nothing like a good caricature to mock religious or political power. This conference aims to return to the origins of caricature, between antiquity, the Protestant Reformation and satirical drawings by the greatest masters of the Renaissance.

The Hottentot Venus

Thème: History

Speaker: Michel METENIER, April 18, 2023

At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, a young South African woman named Saartjie Bartman was shown to Europe, like a fairground animal, because of her physical characteristics: protruding buttocks and protruding sexual organs.

When he died in 1815, his body was dissected and a cast was made. His body will still be on display until the 1970s in Paris! Through the story of this “Hottentot Venus”, it is the view of Europeans on the so-called inferior peoples that appears. But it is also a claim to identity by a people who will finally bring their heroine back to the land of her ancestors in 2002.

The novel character and his issues

Theme: Literature

Speaker: Marcel DITCHE, April 12, 2023

In modernity the novel character has been a notion violently called into question.

In his essay Pour un nouveau roman, published in 1963, A. Robbe-Grillet called it an “outdated notion”. But today this peremptory condemnation itself seems obsolete. What remains in our memory as readers, once the novel is finished, is most often a story and its characters.

To understand this strong presence of the characters and the fascination exerted on the readers by some of them, we must try to understand their functioning in the text and the issues they carry on the psychological, socio-historical, existential or imaginary level. .

The art of diversion

Theme: History of modern and contemporary arts

Speaker: Nathalie DOUAY, April 04, 2023

April 1st isn't that far away... Don't let it fool you, keep your eyes peeled. Just because it's prank day doesn't mean you have to fall for it. You just need to have an open mind and a sharp eye to follow this conference full of surprises... without falling into traps. So, are you ready?

The first Blues muses

Theme: The first muses of the Blues

Speaker: Nathalie BRAUX, March 28, 2023

When we think of blues music and its origins, we imagine a poor man, picking at the strings of a guitar made from a cigar box, singing about his solitude, his economic and sentimental misery.

And yet, do you know that it was a woman, Mamie Smith, who recorded the first record in blues history in 1920? Who is she and who are the few revue and vaudeville singers that the record companies of the time chose for the diffusion of this new musical genre? This is what we will discover together.

The Virgin and Child, a history of sacred motherhood, from the Middle Ages to the Revolution

Theme: History,

Speaker: Anaëlle CHAROIN, March 21, 2023

She is standing or sitting, she holds a miniature adult at arm's length, then he approaches, taking on the air of a chubby baby kissing his mother. Let's analyze together the sculpted and painted representations of Mary and Jesus to understand the evolution of the link between these two sacred characters. What does this evolution spanning centuries reveal? Changes within religious society? A new conception of man? Does it also demonstrate a new outlook on motherhood? Let's discover the story of a sacred motherhood.

The meter, a universal and revolutionary measurement

Theme: Astronomy, Speaker: Michel MARCELIN, March 14, 2023

The astronomers Delambre and Méchain, commissioned by the Constituent Assembly in 1791, measured the terrestrial meridian from Dunkirk to Barcelona to define the standard meter.

To make their measurements, they used a device called a “repeater circle”. Delambre (who measured the northern part of the meridian) and Méchain (who measured the southern part) each had two devices and only one copy of the original four remains, it was kept at the Longchamp astronomical observatory and is currently on display at the History Museum of the city of Marseille.

This conference offers the opportunity to relate the adventures of these scientists and to show the difficulties of the task accomplished, in the midst of the French Revolution, to arrive at the meter that we use daily.

women's story

Theme: History of modern and contemporary arts
Speaker: Nathalie DouayThe March 7 2023.

Women's Day obliges, we invite you to discover the surprising, entertaining or unusual stories of women who, discreet, renowned or noisy, have marked their time in the artistic field and beyond. We will thus cross paths with painters, muses and models as well as daring gallery owners, knowledgeable collectors, inventive milliners, reckless archaeologists, inspired writers and astonishing dancers.

Why is the sky black at night?

Theme: Astronomy
Speaker: Michel Marcelin, February 28, 2023.

This question may seem absurd, but it is nevertheless worth asking. Indeed, if we assume the Universe is infinite and uniformly filled with stars then, whatever direction we turn, our gaze should end up at a star and the sky appear luminous, even at night... This is not of course not the case and this paradoxical situation is known as the paradox of Olbers, a German astronomer who was one of the first to state it at the end of the XNUMXth century. Many solutions have since been proposed to resolve it. Here we will provide some elements for reflection on this subject, in the simplest and most understandable way possible, based on our current knowledge of the structure of the Universe.

Under the petticoats of Rome: a brief history of sex among the Romans

Theme: Etruscan and Roman art and archeology
Speaker: Lionel Sanchez, February 21, 2023.

Let's go on a naughty but serious discovery of the sexual and erotic practices of the ancient Romans. Through random curiosities, we will discover the moral framework in which the Ancients conceived of erotic relationships between beings. In Rome, sex is omnipresent in daily life and has none of this contemporary obscenity that we still persist in attributing to it in the 70st century. Far from the orgies echoed by the erotic cinema of the XNUMXs, Roman eroticism expresses the voluptuousness of the intoxication of the senses without necessarily casting on its manifestations the moral guilt of opprobrium.

Famous kisses

Theme: History
Speaker: Nathalie Douay, February 14, 2023.

This Valentine's Day, come and discover some very inspiring famous kisses with your other half. Stolen, languid, fiery kisses... artists have celebrated love in a thousand charming ways, of which our speaker offers you a little anthology.

Carnival: down with the masks!

Theme: History of modern and contemporary arts
Speaker: Nathalie Douay, February 7, 2023.

It will soon be time to prepare for Carnival and this time, the masks will be festive!

From the Feast of Fools to the sumptuous Venetian festivities, we will lift many masks to perceive what is hidden behind the colorful streaks and burlesque grimaces. Through works by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Tiepolo and James Ensor, we will travel through the centuries and styles for the pleasure of being seduced and surprised. Fancy dress appreciated!


Theme: Astronomy
Speaker: Thomas Richard, January 31, 2023.

On September 27, 2022, NASA's DART impactor collided with the small asteroidal moon Didymos B, aptly nicknamed "Didymoon", with the aim of evaluating the method of deflecting an asteroid by "kinetic impact". This conference addresses this extraordinary space mission, as well as the other means envisaged to protect our civilization from a giant meteorite. Worthy of the scenarios of American disaster films, this completely new experience constitutes a first test of “planetary defense”.

The little history of the brain

Theme: Science
Speaker: Thibaut Wilk-Teste, the 20 December 2022.

The brain… Main organ of the nervous system and seat of our emotions, memory, thought, reflection…

From Hippocrates to today, from our birth to our death, through the functions it manages, this conference invites you to know a little more about this fabulous organ weighing approximately 1,5 kg.

Great writers

Theme: Literature
Speaker: Monique Gouabault, the 13 December 2022.

This conference will explore literary trends and revolutions. Come and meet the great writers and their works. A moment to test your knowledge of literature together.

Don't forget paper and pencil!

The Sanctuary of Olympia – Victory for the Gods

Theme: Greek art
Speaker: Mireille Sanchez, the 6 December 2022.

Mythological origin: Heracles, founder of the Olympic Games.
Pelops, conqueror of Oenomaos.
The sanctuary of Olympia or Altis is dedicated to Zeus.
Why did they persist?
Panhellenism and the Olympic spirit.
The victorious athlete, a moral model for the city and an ideal body for artists.

The cult of the body and the notion of competition (or Agôn) took on a religious dimension among the Greeks and gave them a remarkable specificity.

Fake News

Theme: Psychology / Society
Speaker: Thibaut Wilk-Teste, November 29, 2022.

Over the past ten years, the Internet and social networks have tended to become one of our main sources of information. However, it is not uncommon to find everything and its opposite there. Connect your brain and sharpen your critical thinking; In this conference, we will explain why we tend to believe this fake news and give some keys to protect you from it.

Saying and not saying: the usefulness of verbal transgression

Theme: Linguistics
Speaker: Alexandre Juster, November 22, 2022.

Insults and other swear words are sacred paradoxes: these are words that we create, pass on from generation to generation and which are nevertheless not intended to be used profusely. They are said to be fat, because they impose themselves so much and obstruct the passage of decorum. These transgressive words constitute a stock from which it is appropriate to draw sparingly. This conference will reveal the processes surrounding the use of such words. It will immerse us in social speech, the said and the transgressive, the forbidden and we will see, with courtesy, what these words reveal in the background of our societies. We are extremely familiar. So familiar, that it did not even seem appropriate to our philosophical ancestors to pay any “attention” to it. Indeed, everyone uses it, everyone designs it, but can we define it precisely?

How were 20 objects able to transform our daily lives?

Theme: History
Speaker: Monique Gouabault, November 15, 2022.

At home, in the street, in town, in the office, on vacation, we are surrounded by real concentrates of technology, which show that, sometimes, reality has caught up with fiction; from the touch screen, to the smart card, including the microwave oven, the USB key and the hard drive, remote controls or contact lenses…

Did you know that there is a second life for nylon stockings?

Do you know the date of the first remote control?

Do you know how many batteries are sold in France?

Answers to discover and an exploration of Science and Technology on a daily basis.

Science and cinema

Theme: Cinema / Sciences
Speaker: Florie Wilk-Teste, November 8, 2022.

Cinema has often brought the imagination of scientists to life, particularly with all so-called “science fiction” films.

Scientists were able to see an exoplanet up close with Avatar. In this conference we will see some examples of the 7th art, and if they are credible from a scientific point of view (can we really hear explosions in space?) We will also see how science can serve cinema, with as example the video of the group Ok Go “Zero Gravity”, shot entirely in weightlessness.

The art of drawing in ancient Egypt

Theme: Egyptology
Speaker: Charlotte Lejeune, October 18, 2022.

Drawing is omnipresent in Egyptian art and yet little known to the public: this presentation highlights its fundamental importance in art and its role in the development of other artistic mediums, such as relief, painting, architecture, and the decorative arts. It also makes it possible to explain the principles and characteristics of the Egyptian image and to combat some preconceived ideas!

This conference also nourishes a reflection on the notion of art in ancient Egypt, very different from that which is traditionally accepted in Western culture. Art and crafts were in fact not subject to any differentiation, because it was not the beauty of a work that took precedence, but its function and its efficiency.

This will then be an opportunity to present some masterpieces from the Louvre Museum restored in 2013 and others from London and Turin in particular.

Attention ladies and gentlemen

Theme: Psychology / Society
Speaker: Thibaut Wilk-Teste, October 11, 2022.

Attention is a concept that is extremely familiar to us. So familiar, that it did not even seem appropriate to our philosophical ancestors to pay any “attention” to it. Indeed, everyone uses it, everyone designs it, but can we define it precisely?

I invite you to learn a little more about this concept, as well as some pitfalls that are sure to attract your attention.

Women throughout history

Theme: Great women of history and art history
Speaker: Monique Gouabault, October 4, 2022.

“Women are the future of man” according to the poet Aragon.
But what about their past? This conference is a picturesque journey, full of images, facts, quotes and portraits.
Appreciate their exploits along a winding journey, woven with spectacular advances and painful setbacks.

But who are we kidding? Humor in contemporary creation

Theme: History of modern and contemporary arts (from the 19th century to the present day)
Speaker: Nathalie Douay, the 27 September 2022.

Insolent, disrespectful, grotesque,… the propensity for irony in contemporary art has been repeatedly highlighted and even denounced. But in his snub to “great art”, good taste and good manners, it is not only a question of provocation. With the shock, a rupture is created, a small opening from which a hearty burst of laughter and lovely surprises could well emerge. After depicting emotions, art claims to make us experience them.

Elon Musk, genius or madman of the XNUMXst century?

Theme: Scientific biographies
Speaker: Florie Wilk-Teste, the 20 September 2022.

Space X, Tesla, Hyperloop, Paypal, etc.
There is a man behind each of these companies: Elon Musk.
It arouses both admiration and distrust in the world of technology. It is revolutionizing our world and our future.

Greek architecture: origin of the temple and origin of the theater

Theme: Greek art
Speaker: Mireille Sanchez, the 13 September 2022.

The Greek heritage has endured for 25 centuries in this area of ​​Western Art. Through their monuments, the Greeks imposed their conception of the world and their way of acting.
The Greek orders, their origins, their principles. Development of architecture. Monuments: temples, propylaea, porticoes, theaters, odeons, stadiums...and their decorations. Origin and history of the temple. Origin and history of theater. The myth of White Greece: polychromy and its history.

When our languages ​​betray our perception of the world

Theme: Linguistics
Speaker: Alexandre Juster, the 6 September 2022.

Two languages ​​disappear every month in the world. At this rate, half of the current 5000 languages ​​will have disappeared by the end of the century. With them, not only words, a grammar disappear but above all a way of describing nature, of describing our World and a way of understanding it. In French, we say THE moon and THE sun. In German, we say THE moon and THE sun,… What does that ultimately say about us? Language is not just a vector of communication, it is a cultural and identity process which demonstrates how the human mind can be ingenious and capable of adapting to its environment. Taking the example of European and South Pacific languages, Alexandre Juster, ethnolinguist, will highlight how the vocabulary but also the grammar of a language are in reality only a reflection of the perception of the World.

Each semester, participants in our workshops and clubs present the fruit of their work to the public. Find recordings of the latest shows and galas here.

Each semester, students present the work carried out as part of the cultural workshops to you during an exhibition. Find here a retrospective of the latest exhibitions.

Transition(s) | Photo exhibition from February 7 to 28, 2023

The exhibition poster: a person seen from behind climbs a staircase.
About ten photos hung on a wall. The photos show the Tampon campus and students
Photos hanging on a wall seen through glass.
In the background, photos hanging on a wall. In the foreground, a panel with the exhibition poster.
Exhibition visitors sitting on a sofa in the middle of the room, facing the photos on the wall.
A photo of a bird in a tree hung on the wall between two windows.

Workshop offered by Stéfan GRIPPON
Works by Maïté BERNHARD and Guillian GRONDIN-LÉOCADIE

Different stories for a common questioning: what future(s) in this world(s) in transition?

Exhibition of the Art & Culture Department's photo workshop in the Tampon University Library.

-40 in the tropics | Photo exhibition from December 2 to 8, 2022

The exhibition poster: A historical photo of the Tampon campus.
A photo framed on a wall between two windows.
The exhibition room: a sofa in the middle and photos hanging on the walls.
Two photos on a wall. The first shows a building on campus, the second shows a parking lot.
Four photos framed on a wall.

Workshop offered by Stéfan GRIPPON

“-40 in the Tropics” offers a journey through time between the past and the present, from one school to another. The use of photographic renewal consists of taking a shot in conditions identical to those of a reference photograph (same point of view, same framing, same focal length) in order to reflect the changes from one era to another. other.

Exhibition of the Art & Culture Department's photo workshop in the Tampon University Library.


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Guitar and singing Gala 2022

Students from the Guitar and Singing workshops of the Art & Culture department invite you to their gala.
Coached by Audrey Dardenne and Jérémy Mallin, they are ready to move you, make you vibrate and rediscover the pleasure of a live performance together!

K-Pop Oriental Dance Gala 2022

Students from the K-Pop and Oriental Culture clubs of the Art & Culture department invite you to their gala.
It’s an oriental evening in all its diversity that they offer you. From the punchy and tangy rhythms of South Korea to the captivating movements of Middle Eastern culture, come and dance with them!

The story surgeon: The secret of the 24 Avengers films

The more superheroes there are, the more you put in… and it works. Behind the success of the Avengers cycle in cinema, there is a secret: the 24 films tell a story. The Surgeon of Stories takes you behind the scenes and tells you about Kevin Feige's role. The Surgeon of Stories, former journalist, novelist, screenwriter, Nicolas Bonin dissects the scenarios.

“Superheroes, before superheroes”

From Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to Lehman-Colin's chimerical brigade, the prehistory of superheroes is a dream come true. Children of the serial novel, the heroes of Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas or Maurice Leblanc already have all the ingredients of superheroes. Vincent Tavan is a professor of modern literature at Bellepierre high school, he wrote a thesis devoted to Jules Verne.

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