Associative life

Want to create or join a student association?

To support you in your efforts, the BVE provides you with various guides and regulations to energize and structure your associations.

You will find here examples of statuses in editable format. You can take inspiration from them and adapt them to the association you want to create.

You will find here the link that allows you to declare your association online and ensure its publication in the Official Journal

To enable you to keep your association alive, you will find below various guides established by State services:

To benefit from premises or subsidies within the establishment, you are invited to domicile your association at the University of Reunion.

You will find here the regulation of specific activities of university life with the domiciliation procedure and the list of supporting documents in article 3.

Once your request is received, it will be studied by the Office of Student Life, the Training and University Life Commission and it will be the subject of a deliberation by the Board of Directors.

Student associations

• ASCUR (climbing, outdoors and circus arts) [site] [FB] [mail]
• ASUR (multi-sports on the Tampon campus) [site] [FB] [mail]
• CRSU (Regional University Sports Committee of Reunion Island) [site] [mail]
• OUTDOORS (outdoors) [site] [FB] [mail]
• RUC University Meeting Club (multi-sport) [site] [FB] [mail]

• ACTOR (theatrical creation) [FB] [mail]
• Friends of the University (courses, conferences, visits, trips) [site] [mail]
• Cinema Campus (film screening) [mail]
• AECR Association of Comorian Students at Reunion [FB] [mail]
• Faham (dance company)  [mail]
• The CanterPil’Arts (entertainment professions: behind the scenes) [FB] [mail]
• AEMR Association of Malagasy Students in Reunion [mail]
• UEEMR Union of Mahorais Students and Pupils of Réunion [mail]

• UNEF MEETING [FB] [mail]
• REACTION  [FB] [mail]
•ADER 974[FB] [mail]

Student Solidarity Meeting [Facebook] [mail]

• BDE IAE (IAE Student Office) [FB] [GI] [mail]

• BDE ESIROI (ESIROI Student Office) [mail]

• GRHO Avenir Association [FB] [mail]
• Bourbon Carabins Association (medicine sector)  [FB] [mail]
• CREATE (Reunion Island Corporation of ESIROI Students) [FB] [mail]
• RUNCASS (association of lawyers) [mail]

• ADDR (Association of Doctors and Doctoral Students) [mail]

• NIAMA Association [mail]

• IDEENA Association [mail]

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