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In the digital age, the University of Reunion supports its students.

Obviously, to follow your online courses, you absolutely need a digital device/terminal, so either a computer (desktop or laptop), a tablet or even a smartphone, all connected to the Internet (3G/4G mobile data network, Wi-Fi). Fi, wired…).

We strongly recommend using a computer. Indeed, this allows you to have a comfortable screen, a full keyboard and a pointing system (mouse or trackpad). Which – for certain applications (spreadsheet for example) – is required.

In the absence of a functional computer, a tablet remains preferable to a smartphone due to its larger screen.

Finally, if you have no choice, use your smartphone but then prefer to use, if they exist, dedicated applications (apps) to access your online services. This is the case for Moodle with the Moodle Mobile application, consult our dedicated tutorial via this link.

To access your online services, you must have a valid user account with your student number and password as identifier.

Your student number – which can be found on your student card – and your password were provided to you when you registered: you received an email with a PDF attached containing your initial password.

For new university enrollees, your computer account is automatically valid the day after your registration, and not the same day: be patient!

For those who changed their initial password (or default password) this year or in previous years, they of course continue to use their new password!

You must know the list of all your teaching units and subjects (if you don't have it, see the “HELP” tab opposite).

All of your courses are/will be available remotely as part of the Educational Continuity Plan:

  • Mainly on the platform Moodle
  • Occasionally on your Virtual Office
  • Or elsewhere ! To find them, contact your teachers or educational manager directly > UR directory

In the current context, communication between schools, teachers and students goes through our platforms (university websites, Moodle, UR Facebook, etc.) and through external platforms (delegates' Facebook, teachers' personal sites, etc.). ). Obviously, the official information is that present on the university website.

This communication also happens a lot by email. It is therefore essential that you can read and send/reply to emails from your UR student mailbox.

  • You can access your UR mailbox via webmail viaBV interface 
  • You can also use your favorite email management app, if you have configured it to!
  • Finally, you can configure your UR mailbox so that any message received is transferred to another mailbox, your personal email account for example. Please note, this solution is not recommended because you will then respond to messages with your personal mailbox and not with your UR email account.

Find your ICT tutors at the EIFC, on the ground floor of the BU Droit-Lettres.

It can sometimes take a while to display the calendar, so be patient!

TICE tutors welcome students at the BU (University Library) of Le Tampon, on the ground floor.

It can sometimes take a while to display the calendar, so be patient!

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