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News: Vigipirate Plan – EMERGENCY ATENTAT level

Following the attack in Moscow which occurred on Friday March 22, 2024, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal decided to upgrade the Vigipirate plan to the highest attack emergency level.

The security instructions of the Vigipirate plan must be respected on all sites and campuses of the University of La Réunion.

More information on Vigipirate plan

The occupational health and safety register is made available to all agents and users (students), in all departments or units regardless of the number of staff, in order to be able to record all observations and suggestions relating to to the prevention of occupational risks and the improvement of working conditions. Any agent (or user) of a service or unit can record all observations and suggestions relating to the prevention of professional risks and the improvement of working conditions.

The information mentioned may be of several kinds: a possible risk observed or incurred, an accident or incident seen or experienced, a malfunction or non-functioning of an installation or safety device, any suggestion relating to the prevention of professional risks and the improvement of working conditions (lighting, noise, general environment, etc.).

For any registration of a fact, incident or accident, the circumstances of their occurrence will be detailed, specifying the material and human factors which contributed to their occurrence and which may include, where applicable, the possible solution(s).

    Access to sites and campuses

    Presentation of your student or professional card to security agents upon entering the sites and campuses of the University of La Réunion is obligatory.

    University deliveries

    Concerning deliveries, service providers must present a delivery note with the name of the component, direction, or the person to contact if necessary.
    No delivery shall be accepted in the components and/or services if delivery is not expected or if the recipient has not been clearly identified.

    Demonstrations and events at the university

    The organization and holding of events on university sites must obtain prior authorization from the Defense Security Officer (FSD) -

    The demonstrations must take place during the opening hours of the sites and campuses and until 21:00 p.m.

    Travel abroad

    Any travel to a risk zone or country (level 3 or 4) must be strictly limited. Thus, staff are encouraged to postpone their travel plans when the missions are not imperative.

    When a trip is nevertheless considered (essential and non-deferrable mission), it is the responsibility of each agent to take note of the status of the destination zone on the map of countries/territories and to find out about travel conditions. and provide the requested documents. The agent must register on the Ariane website in order to receive information from the Ministry.


    Report any difficulties observed in the field immediately to the University’s Security Prevention Service (SPS) agents.
    If there is no response from the University's Security Prevention Service (SPS), you must immediately contact the police on 17 or 112

    Suspicious vehicle

    Contact the Safety Prevention Service (SPS)

    keep calm

    Keep people away from the vehicle

    Take shelter

    Suspicious package

    Do not open the envelope or package

    Keep people away from the suspicious package

    Immediately call the Safety Prevention Service (SPS) while staying away from the package

    You witness suspicious behavior

    • Stay calm and quiet, do not intervene, do not try to negotiate
    • Observe with discretion the objective information (precise description of individuals, vehicle model, license plate, etc.) which could be transmitted to the security forces.
    • Report immediately to the Security Prevention Service (SPS) or the police at 17 or 112

    Contacts for the university’s Prevention and Security Services (SPS)

    Moufia campus : 0692 773 830 / 0262 938 789 or ToIP 2345

    Tampon Campus : 0692 672 053/ 0262 579 460 or ToIP 4024

    Terre-Sainte campus (ESIROI – IUT – SEAS-OI) : 0692 695 764 / 0262 919 154 or ToIP 7682

    Terre-Sainte Campus (Faculty of Health) : 0693 996 703/ 0262 938 573 or ToIP

    La Victoire website : 0692 664 050 / 0262 211 626 or ToIP 6010

    Technopole site : 0692 350 981 / 0262 483 388 or ToIP 3388

    Bellepierre site : 0692 440 361/ 0262 904 343 or TOIP 7000

    React in the event of an attack on a site or campus

    1. Escape/flee
      • Locate the danger to get away from it
      • Alert people around you and dissuade people from entering the danger zone.
    2. If it is impossible to escape: hide and barricade yourself
      • Barricade yourself in offices, teaching rooms, meeting rooms.
      • Lock doors and block access with furniture.
      • Move away from windows and doors, lie down, turn off your cell phone, turn off the lights.
    3.  Alert law enforcement
      • When an attack is identified (explosion, stabbing, shooting, gunshots, car ramming, etc.), immediately alert police services 17 or 112.
      • If you experience any unusual behavior or situation, contact your site or campus security department.

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