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With the libraries, find all the useful documentation for your studies: books, magazines, press, dissertations, theses, DVDs, to consult on site, to borrow or to read online.

To consult on site, to borrow but also to read online.

Digital Library open 24 hours a day: online books and magazines

Digital Library accessible 24 hours a day : access all digital documentation online with your usual digital logins: type your search in our search engine (just above) or explore our offer:

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How to access digital documentation?

All digital resources are accessible to all members of the University, students or staff. The following suggestions are only a guide, you are free to explore everything.

Researchers / Masters / Doctoral students

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BIATSS staff

Scholarvox: web platform digital books in French
Note: books on well-being and personal development, creativity, beautiful books (fauna, flora, arts), novels and literature, children's albums, etc. 

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Europress : digital press database. Search for articles in 5000 press titles. Access to PDF versions of certain newspapers and magazines. Note: Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro, Le Diplo, L’Equipe, Cuisine, Arts, etc.

Access Europresse

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