Print, photocopy, scan

You will find B&W printers in all libraries, color printers in the Tampon, Terre-Sainte and Droit-Lettres libraries.
You can scan to a USB key (formatted in Fat 32, maximum capacity of 32GB).

Purchase of a rechargeable photocopy card: 2 euros (1 euro for the card + 10 units). All our BUs are equipped with a coin mechanism to buy a photocopy card and recharge it.

  • Price of an A4 black and white photocopy: 0.10 euros. (Discount)
  • Price of an A4 color photocopy: 0.60 euros. (Discount)

How to print your documents?

  • You must first start your printing from a library computer using your printing account (reusable account to be created at the time of the first printing).
  • You will then need to start printing from the computer connected to the photocopier/printer.
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