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Passport to open science: a practical guide for doctoral students

“Passport to open science” poster

Le Passport to open science is a guide designed to support doctoral students at each stage of their research journey, whatever their disciplinary field. It offers a series of good practices and tools that can be directly activated from the development of your scientific approach to the dissemination of its results.

Assign a permanent identifier (DOI) to your scientific productions

The University of Reunion produces several hundred scientific resources each year: journal articles, research data sets (tables or databases), images, maps, videos, collections, etc.

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) ​​is a unique and durable character string designed for the internet. The DOI makes it possible to identify, reference, cite and provide a lasting link to resources of all types by associating them with metadata, that is to say information describing it: author or creator, title, keywords, summary, publisher, language, publication date, etc.

Research Services assist you in assigning DOI to your scientific productions:

  • definition of needs in terms of lasting identifiers
  • helps define the metadata necessary for optimal visibility
  • allocation of DOI individually or in batches

Distribute your scientific publications on HAL-Réunion

The dissemination of scientific publications is becoming a major issue in academic communication. The open access movement aims to liberate these publications by improving their visibility and citability.

Since 2012, the University of Reunion has worked to identify and disseminate the scientific production of its research units via the open archive HAL-Reunion which ensures optimal referencing: Google Scholar, Pubmed, REPEC, CORE, etc.

Research Services assist you in the dissemination of your scientific publications by:

  • training, advice and personalized support for referencing and filing on HAL-Réunion
  • mass reporting of your bibliographic references
  • assistance in creating your permanent IDHAL identifier and your automatically updated HAL-CV

Manage your research data

Reasoned and documented management of data produced during a research project is progressively required by funders (H2020 program, ANR) and journals. This management and opening of data is also necessary to ensure the conservation and reproducibility of science.

Research Services assist you in this activity by:

  • training, advice and personalized support for the management and dissemination of your research data
  • help in writing your research data management plans
  • assigning a permanent DOI (Digital Object Identifier) ​​to your datasets

Open science communication strategies

At a time of proliferation of scientific journals and their economic model, it is becoming difficult to find one's way in the landscape of scientific communication. If Open Science aims to improve the transparency of research, it does not only generate virtuous practices.

Research Services assist you in your scientific communication strategy by:

  • advice on reuse licenses (Creative commons, ODBL, etc.) under which to place your scientific productions
  • support on the choice of journals in order to avoid predatory or hybrid journals
  • referencing your open access journals on international sites

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