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Connecting to Wi-Fi

From the university, access to the Eduroam and Kampus Wi-Fi networks requires a authentication with your digital account logins.  

Eduroam : offers access to students and staff of French higher education and research establishments.
The “Eduroam” network is more efficient and more stable. If your system does not support the 802.1X standard, you will need to use “Kampus”. 

Campus : offers access to students and staff of the University of La Réunion, as well as to users outside the University.
If you choose the Kampus network, your web browser will automatically be directed to the Kampus / ZotSpot authentication page. (Kampus procedure here)

More information about the space Digital and you.

Off-campus connection to BU digital resources

Libraries offer off-campus access to various digital resources.
To access at any time from home Asked digital journals and books, press subscriptions, online theses, etc. You must indicate your membership of the University of Reunion via the BU website with your digital logins:  

  1. From the BU website, explore our subscription offer here or use our search engine. Choose your digital resource and click on “online access”.
  2. The logins requested are those of your usual digital account (“CAS” or “ENT” logins).

Please note, this service is reserved for members of the university community: people outside the university cannot access it, even after paying registration in the BU. 

Connection to Google Scholar and Pubmed: configure your Accès@UnivRéunion

Apart from the library website, you can also take advantage of our subscriptions with a few settings. To do this, you must indicate that you belong to the University of La Réunion.

My BU in Google Scholar

Go to Google Scholar settings from the home page. Click “Settings” > “Library Links” and search for Réunion in the search engine. Select “Université de La Réunion – Accès Univ.Réunion” then save. 

When you search for references in Google Scholar, an Accès UnivRéunion link appears on the right when the University is a subscriber.

My BU in Pubmed  

Public chat Pubmed, you must create an individual account via the “Sign in to NCBI” menu then “Register for an NCBI account”. Once identified, click on MyNCBI > NCBI Site Preferences > Pubmed Preferences > Outside tool. In the alphabetical list that appears, search for UnivReunion or Reunion then Save.

Under each article reference, the Accès@UnivReunion button will appear if the University is a subscriber.
> More info: complete tutorial My BU in Pubmed

Other tips: 

In addition to University subscriptions, it is possible to configure your browser to easily identify whether there is a legal free version of a paid publication. We recommend these 3 browser extensions (available for Firefox and Chrome): cf. demonstration available in the tutorial below.

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