Work in groups

The BUs provide you with rooms dedicated to group work:

  • 13 rooms at the BU Droit-Lettres,
  • 3 rooms at the Sciences BU,
  • 7 rooms at the BU Tampon,
  • 6 rooms at the Terre Sainte BU,
  • 1 room at the Education BU.

How to reserve a workspace?

Log in from a computer to Zoom website, then identify yourself with your usual university logins.

You can also reserve your workspace from a smartphone. Download the Zoom application from Google Play or Apple Store then:

  • click on “Connect” at the top right
  • click on the small “SSO” key
  • enter the domain name:
  • to log in

In the menu on the left: Reservation of a workspace.
You now have access to all the workspaces of our 5 libraries.
Choose the desired day and time as well as the BU concerned.
Green: the room is available (click on it to reserve it)
Red: the room is already occupied.

On the day of booking:

You have solutions to confirm your reservation: by responding to the email received 15 minutes before the scheduled time. (Choose: “Registration” or “Cancel reservation”) OR by scanning the QR Code present in the room.

ATTENTION! You have 15 minutes, from the start time of your reservation, to arrive and enter the space. Beyond that, your reservation is lost and becomes available again for other students. If you cannot honor your reservation, consider canceling it!

Conditions of use

Location Conditions of use
BU Law-Letters 2 students minimum to reserve a room
Max duration : 3 hours a day for a group.
BU Sciences3 students minimum and 10 students maximum to reserve room 1
2 students minimum and 6 students maximum for small room 2
3 students minimum and 14 students maximum for the large room 3
Max duration : 3 hours a day for a group.
BU BufferRoom 1: 8 students minimum and 12 students maximum
Room 2: 12 students minimum and 20 students maximum
Rooms 3, 4, 6 and 7: 3 students minimum and 6 students maximum
Room 5: 3 students minimum and 8 students maximum
Max duration : 3 hours a day for a group.
BU Holy Landduration of use : 3 hours for the same group ;
2 people minimum.
BU Education3 students minimum to reserve a room
Max duration : 3 hours a day for a group.
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