Japan Exchange Programme

Within the framework of an inter-university cooperation agreement, the International Relations Department welcomes students from Meiji University in Japan for study stays at the University of Reunion Island.

You will find enclosed the guide for foreign students, which will enable you to familiarise yourself with life on the Campus as well as the customs and traditions specific to Reunion Island:

Guide étudiants internationaux.




For your information, the application campaign for the academic year 2021-2022 is already open!


You are a student at the University of Meiji

- You must be selected by your university. It is the International Relations Department of your university that sends us the list of nominated students.

- You pay the tuition fees at your home university and not at the University of Reunion Island.

- The bi-lateral agreement allows for a maximum of two (2) students, either graduate or undergraduate, each year.

   Two (2) one-semester exchange students are counted as one (1) one-year exchange student.


Students can come to study for 1 or 2 semesters (the academic year runs from August to June):

 - first semester (autumn): mid-August to mid-December

 - second half of the year (winter): end of January to end of June

1st step: the University of Reunion Island creates your account on the online application platform.

2nd step: You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account.

3rd step: You complete your online application form.

4th step: Once you have completed your application, it is submitted to Mr Jean-Joseph TRAMONI, the RU exchange programme coordinator, and to the international liaison officer of the faculty you wish to study at.

Step 5: Your application is validated and you will then receive a letter of admission from the University of Reunion Island, which will enable you to apply for a visa.


To draw up your educational contract, commonly known as a "contrat d'études", please fill it in correctly using the course models offered by the University of La Réunion.

We can provide you with accommodation in a student residence. To do so, you must complete the following documents, which you will need to attach to your online application:

 - the application form for accommodation in a university residence

 - The accomodation contract

 -Rules of procedure

 - The annex to the rules of procedure

 - IT charter



The DRI will be able to meet you at the airport if you only arrive between Monday and Friday. To enable us to organise your welcome, you must complete and submit the following form ' Annonce d'Arrivée ' as soon as you know your arrival date.

 - by 1 July at the latest, for an arrival in the year or in the first half of the year

 - no later than 1st December for arrival in the 2nd half of the year



A welcome day is organised every year for international students to introduce them to the campus and university services.

 - You must have your entry into France validated by the OFII and must obtain a residence permit. You can do this as soon as you arrive via this link.

 - You will have to register as a teacher. La Dri will assist you in this process. Changes to the teaching contract must be approved by your home university.

After your exams at UR, a transcript of marks is drawn up and sent to your home university, which is responsible for validating your study stay in Réunion.