Atletics and Fitness

The University of La Reunion provides quite a number of sports and fitness activities through SUAPS (The Sports and Physical Activity Services of the University of La Reunion). We understand the importance of sports and physical activities for students’ physical and mental wellbeing. Also it is a great way to release the stress of being a university student and making friends while enjoying your favourite physical activity.

With the all year round tropical climate, breathtaking mountain ranges and untamed ocean fronts the choices are countless. From a leisurely walk in the mountain trails to diving in the open ocean, you can find something to enjoy according to your physical and mental capacity.

SUAPS welcomes you whether you are a beginner or professional athlete to shine as a sportsman or a sportswoman at the university. We provide personal training for beginners to get well integrated into their activity and coaching for professionals athletes to achieve their personal objectives.

Team sports are fairly popular at the university as a meeting place for students with common interests. You can enjoy a friendly game of football or volleyball just for fun or you can take it to the next level by signing up for the university team.

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