The digital services
Digital services offered by the University of Reunion are essentially accessible 24/7, from anywhere through the Internet using computer or your mobile phone. Username and a password are provided at your registration at the University of La Reunion. You must activate your account by logging in to web page from the campus.

You can access internet through our WIFI service from your computer or the mobile phone. In order to connect you must have the WIFI compatibility on your computer or mobile phone.
1. First of all you must connect with “EDUSPOT”
2. Open your website and you will be redirected to the page EDUSPOT where you get to choose the University of Reunion browser. Then, you will be redirected to a login page where you will be asked your username (student number) and your password.

Digital Working Environment (DWE)
Your Digital Working Environment is also known as ENT (Environnement Numérique de Travail). ENT allows you to receive information, access your virtual office, access courses, examinations and assessments, access helpful resources; obtain information about your grades, schedules. Access your administrative file and manage your account.

Virtual Office
The Virtual Office (Bureau Virtuel-BV) allows you to communicate with teachers by e-mail, forums, contacts, etc., access to groups and sharing documents, podcasts, calendars, favorites with your teachers and students.
You will always be contacted by the university on your virtual office e-mail address. You will automatically be a member of the "Students" virtual office and we encourage you to participate in the Forum.

Learning platform
Learning platform (plateforme pédagogique Moodle) gives you access to educational activities, examinations and assessments provided by your teachers.

The podcast
With the podcast you can access recorded lectures, online lectures and documentaries. This helps you to catch up the courses and also as an extra learning resource.

Certificate of Computer and Internet skills (C2i)
Certificate of Computer and Internet skills (C2i) was established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research certifying generic skills in the computer literacy and digital networks to provide skills necessary for higher education and professional life.
There are two options for you to choose from
C2i level 1 - General computer and internet skills certificate
C2i level 2 - Business computer and internet skills certificate.