Through SVU (department of academic life) and SUAC (the department of art and culture) you can enjoy many cultural activities and discover Reunion Island during your stay.
SVU always encourages students to take good initiative such as local cultural projects humanitarian programmes, health workshops, sports competitions to improve the social and environmental conditions by providing financial help through “Le Fonds de Solidarité des Initiatives Etudiantes” to reach their objectives.

At the University of La Reunion your can always follow your interest and share you knowledge on your favourite subjects by joining various clubs and societies.


  • ASCUR (Association Sportive et Culturelle de l'Université de La Réunion): /
  • ASUR (Association Sportive de l'Université de La Réunion):
  • CRSU (Comité Régional du Sport Universitaire de La Réunion):
  • Grand'Air (association sportive, plein air):
  • RUC (Réunion Université Club, association sportive): /

Culture, Music, Dance

  • ACTEUR (Association Théâtrale des Etudiants de l'Université de La Réunion):
  • Ciné Campus (cinéma):
  • AECR (Association des Etudiants Comoriens de La Réunion):
  • AEMR (Association des Etudiants Malgaches de La Réunion):
  • CanterPil'Arts (théâtre et actions culturelles): /
  • Instants Flous (association culturelle):


  • UNEF Réunion (association syndicale et politique):
  • Réunir-Cé (association syndicale et politique):


  • Bureau des Etudiants de l'IAE: /
  • Educ santé
  • GRHO: ressources humaines
  • AREV (Association Réunionnaise des Etudiants Volontaires) /


  • ADDR (Association des Docteurs et Doctorants):
  • Association des géographes de La Réunion
  • Association des jeunes biologistes
  • GéoRun


  • Junior Univ'R (Business): /
  • Association NIAMA (Feminism):