Campus life

The human dimension of the campuses encourages exchanges between students and teachers. Support and guidance schemes have been established to foster student achievements.

As far as infrastructure is concerned, students have extensive computing facilities at their disposal, and internet access throughout the campus. The university libraries offer an ideal work environment with almost 13 km of shelving, and permit access to more than 25 000 electronic journals. Université de La Réunion also encourages the use of digital tools, and produces numerous online resources.

In addition, a dedicated centre informs students about their guidance and educational opportunities, and supports their entry into the world of employment. A Preventive Health Care Service, providing free medical consultations, is also readily available to them.

As for student life, each university site is home to a Student House, which is a place to socialise and share information. Students can also take part in a number of cultural and sporting activities organised on the various sites throughout the academic year (the largest range of outdoor activities in France). In addition the University of Reunion Island is home to 17 student associations, and organises regular events involving students and well-known performers.

From a practical point of view, university restaurants are located on every site, as is student accommodation, including the International Building, dedicated to foreign students.

The University of La Reunion provides quite a number of sports and fitness activities through SUAPS (The Sports and Physical Activity Services of the University of La Reunion). We understand the importance of sports and physical activities for our students’ physical and mental wellbeing. Also it is a great way to release the stress of being a university student and making friends while enjoying one’s favourite physical activity.

With the all year round tropical climate, breathtaking mountain ranges and untamed ocean fronts the choices are countless. From a leisurely walk in the mountain trails to diving in the open ocean, students can find something to enjoy according to their physical and mental capacity.

SUAPS welcomes students whether they are beginners or professional athletes to shine as a sportsman or a sportswoman at the university. We provide personal training for beginners to get well integrated into their activity and coaching for professional athletes to achieve their personal objectives.

Team sports are fairly popular at the university as a meeting place for students with common interests. You can enjoy a friendly game of football or volleyball just for fun or you can take it to the next level by signing up for the university team.

For more information please visit the SUAPS website on

Foreign students can apply for student accommodations at the campus. Depending on their personal situation, some students will be eligible for government help through La CAF (Caisse nationale des allocations familiales).

The university residence halls are situated inside the campus premises; just two minutes walk from all lecture halls, library and the sports centre. There are all the basic amenities such as supermarkets, convenient stores, restaurants, emergency medical service, pharmacies, laundromat, post office within a 2km distance. Students should be able to rent a room starting from a reasonable 135 Euros per month or a one bedroom apartment from 410 Euros per month. If you need more information regarding tariffs please contact CROUS de La Réunion:

All the students who live in university accommodations can have their lunch and dinner at the university cafeteria for a reasonable price. If you fancy something else there are many restaurants and take aways around the campus for your convenience.

If you are adventurous depending on the accommodation you can use shared kitchens to practise your culinary skills while having some leisure time with your fellow students. All the studio apartments are equipped with a small kitchen area for your comfort.

The university cafeteria is not open for breakfast but there are a couple of bakeries and pastry shops to have a simple French breakfast on your way to lectures.

Digital services offered by the University of Reunion are essentially accessible 24/7, from anywhere through the Internet using a computer or a mobile phone. Username and a password are provided at your registration at the University of La Reunion. You must activate your account by logging in to web page from the campus.


You can access the internet through our WIFI service from your computer or your mobile phone. In order to connect you must have the WIFI compatibility on your computer or mobile phone.

1. First of all you must connect with “EDUROAM”

2. Then, you will need to log with your username (student number) and your password.

Digital Working Environment (DWE)

Your Digital Working Environment is also known as ENT (Environnement Numérique de Travail). ENT allows you to receive information, access your virtual office, access courses, examinations and assessments, access helpful resources; obtain information about your grades, schedules. Access your administrative file and manage your account.

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office (Bureau Virtuel-BV) allows you to communicate with teachers by e-mail, forums, contacts, etc., access to groups and share documents, podcasts or calendars, with your teachers and classmates.

You will always be contacted by the university on your virtual office e-mail address. You will automatically be a member of the “Students” virtual office and we encourage you to participate in the Forum.

Moodle learning platform

The Moodle Learning platform gives you access to educational activities, examinations and assessments provided by your teachers.


With the podcast you can access recorded lectures, online lectures and documentaries. This helps you to catch up the courses and also as an extra learning resource.

Certificate of Computer and Internet skills (C2i / Pix)

Certificate of Computer and Internet skills (C2i / Pix) was established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research certifying generic skills in computer literacy and digital networks to provide skills necessary for higher education and professional life.

There are two options for you to choose from

Level 1 – General computer and internet skills certificat

Level 2 – Professional computer and internet skills certificate.

Through FVU (department of academic life) and SUAC (the department of art and culture) you can enjoy many cultural activities and discover Reunion Island during your stay.

FVU promotes initiatives such as local cultural projects, humanitarian programmes, health workshops, sports competitions among students to improve the social and environmental conditions and provides financial help through “Le Fonds de Solidarité des Initiatives Etudiantes” to reach their objectives.

At the University of La Reunion you can keep on practicing your hobbies and share your knowledge on your favourite subjects by joining various clubs and societies.

  • ASCUR (Association Sportive et Culturelle de l’Université de La Réunion): ascur[at]
  • ASUR (Association Sportive de l’Université de La Réunion) : asur-reunion[at]
  • CRSU (Comité Régional du Sport Universitaire de La Réunion) : ffsu[at]
  • Grand’Air (association sportive, plein air):
  • RUC (Réunion Université Club, association sportive): reunionuniversiteclub[at] /

  • ACTEUR (theatre) [Facebook]
  • Amis de l’Université (courses, conferences, visits, travels)
  • Ciné Campus (movies and cinema)
  • AECR Association des Etudiants Comoriens à la Réunion [Facebook]
  • Faham (dancing)
  • Les CanterPil’Arts (theatre and cultural show arts) [Facebook]
  • AEMR Association des Etudiants Malgaches à la Réunion
  • UEEMR Union des Etudiants et des Elèves Mahorais de la Réunion

  • UNEF Réunion : unef974[at]
  • ADER 974 [Facebook]
  • BDE ESIROI (Bureau des Étudiants de l’ESIROI)
  • Association GRHO Avenir [Facebook]
  • Association Carabins de Bourbon (filière médecine)  [Facebook]
  • CREE (Corporation Réunionnaise des Etudiantes de l’ESIROI) [Facebook]
  • RUNCASS (association de juristes)
  • Association NIAMA
  • Association IDEENA

Students with disabilities

The University of La Reunion is a disability friendly environment. All the building are equipped with a disabled access and lifts. Students carrying a disability, a chronic or serious illness are eligible for special assistance. Students with disabilities should inform the establishment about their special needs and reserve their disability friendly room or apartment before arriving. “Mission handicap” is a service provided by the university to promote the wellbeing and comfort of students with disabilities. Their goal is to provide medical, social and technical help for disabled students in order to carry on with their day to day activities and studies.

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