The human dimension of the campuses encourages exchanges between students and teachers. Support and guidance schemes have been established to foster student achievements.

As far as infrastructure is concerned, students have extensive computing facilities at their disposal, and internet access throughout the campus. The university libraries offer an ideal work environment with almost 13 km of shelving, and permit access to more than 25 000 electronic journals. The University of Reunion Island also encourages the use of digital tools, and produces numerous online resources.
In addition, a dedicated centre informs students about their guidance and educational opportunities, and supports their entry into the world of employment. A Preventive Health Care Service, providing free medical consultations, is also readily available to them.

As for student life, each university site is home to a Student House, which is a place to socialise and share information. Students can also take part in a number of cultural and sporting activities organised on the various sites throughout the academic year (the largest range of outdoor activities in France). In addition the University of Reunion Island is home to 17 student associations, and organises regular events involving students and well-known performers.
From a practical point of view, university restaurants are located on every site, as is student accommodation, including the International Building, dedicated to foreign students.