As is the case with all European universities, education at the Université de La Réunion is structured around the LMD (Licence – Master – PhD) system.

Studies are organised in three cycles :

  • Bachelor’s degree (‘Licence’) which is awarded after 3 years of higher education, that is to say 180 ECTS credits,
  • Master’s degree, equivalent to a total of 300 ECTS credits, which validates 2 years of postgraduate study,
  • PhD which is obtained following 3 years of study and research after a Master’s degree.

Université de La Réunion also offers non-LMD short training courses, and engineering degrees in 3 specialties.

In total, Université de La Réunion proposes qualifications in a wide range of fields, most of which are taught in French :

Université de La Réunion also offers courses in English. See Catalogue of courses in English.

For the past few years, our university has had a new feature for all Bachelor’s students from the first to the third year: Opening Teaching Units called « Unités d’Enseignement d’Ouverture » (UEO). These are discovery courses, integrated into the general Bachelor’s programme, which enrich and personalise the students’ Bachelor’s course: 

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